Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pulling away the welcome mat

The potential for 2009 city ballots to be littered with names of past members is triggering an outcry from term limit supporters, who say former council members who run for their old seats would circumvent the will of New Yorkers, who twice voted in favor of limiting the time elected officials can spend in city offices.

An End-Run Around Term Limits Is Eyed

"One of the reasons people twice voted for term limits was an expression of wanting new blood, new thoughts, new ideas," a founder of the group, People to Stop a Self Serving Council, Kenneth Moltner, said. "One would have hoped that the City Council would have heard the will of the voters and wouldn't try to go against that will."

The city's term limits referendum allows officials to serve two consecutive terms and does not specifically prevent former council members from running for their old seats, an election lawyer, Leo Glickman, said.


Anonymous said...

do these self serving bastards not understand ?

It's 2 strikes.....then you're out !

Anonymous said...

THis already happened in South Jamaica with Tom White Jr. This councilman has one of the worst attendance records.

taxpayer said...

This is a great reason to elect anyone but an incumbent council member in the next several election cycles.

Do this just to show these parasites that they are not wanted.

Do the same for the next mayor.

Dump the incumbents!

mazeartist said...

Be careful what you wish for. You want a maverick? You want someone who is independent? You might end up with Allan Jennings or Charles Barron!

Anonymous said...

If you don't want a former Council Member to be elected again then just don't vote for the person. It really is just that simple.

Anonymous said...

"You want a maverick?"

Why not? We need a breath of fresh air.

What are you afraid of?

Anonymous said...

Let's say that I'm looking for
a certain new product on a supermarket shelf.....
and all that's provided for me to choose from
are the same old brands.....
the ones that are controlled by a particular distributor.

Then what choice do I really have?

The same holds true
for incumbent machine politicians.

Term limits bust a distributor's monopoly
in the political marketplace......
in this case Crowley's clubhouse picks.