Friday, September 7, 2007

Collapse endangers neighboring stores

The weeklies have more info on the Jamaica building collapse that happened last week:

Peter Min, owner of an eyeglass store several doors away, heard the collapse on Thursday.

Min was originally told his business and three others would be razed because the adjacent foundation was compromised.

Construction Causes Wall Collapse

It is still unclear if the businesses will be torn down.

The Department of Buildings determined that currently only the furniture store –– already damaged from the collapse –– would be demolished.

A spokeswoman for the buildings department said an emergency declaration was issued to knock down the furniture store and stabilize the foundation that was being excavated.

Two garages on 146th Street may also be bulldozed if engineers determine they can’t be salvaged.

Storeowners Must Evacuate Before Emergency Demolition

Wall collapse closes six Jamaica businesses

City demolishes Jamaica store after mishap

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

What a scandal. Buildings following down every week, immigrants exploited on job sites getting killed left and right and the newspapers report this with the numbing regularity of track work on the subway.

So much for the city of liberal conscience.

The developers have taken possession of our city's soul.

Anonymous said...

Why not.....
most Queens' residents willingly give away their souls to developers by backing politicians
like that Stavisky gang who take money from them !