Saturday, May 12, 2007

Willets Point's future debated

Eminent domain - the 2nd hottest topic in Queens:

Willets Point Plan Contested By Locals

Biz Owners Demand A Fair Shake

City threat hangs over Willets Pt.

Willets Point's future


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the city finally takes a stand against these criminals, who are at best shady scrap and auto-body shops, and at worst, the cause of the chemical pollution affecting the Iron Triangle.

They are the worst part of Flushing / Corona, and this development could be the best, there is no debate.

Julie said...

There are many businesses there besides scrap and auto body shops; many of them having been there for generations. The issue is not whether or not you like them but whether they have the right to not have their property seized and turned over to a private developer.

Anonymous said...

If some private developer tried to seize your home through the process of eminent domain, you'd be damn pissed off!

What's at stake in this Willets Point boondoggle is our very Constitutional right to property ownership......and nothing less!

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous: When your property rights have been destroyed, how will you plan for your future?

Is your bank account safe? How about your pension or 401K or IRA?

Will you be free to sell your home, or, will some "elected" official find you a buyer and between themselves (with you out of the picture) arrange the price - if any - that you get? There will always be people far needier than you will ever be. And, there will always be "elected" officials ready to donate to them, whatever you thought you owned.

It is the absence of property rights (where the owner and a prospective buyer arrange for the transfer of property, while the only role of government in the transaction is to record the transaction and protect the full rights of seller and buyer) that makes a nation a "third-world" country.

You don't like the sight of a junk yard? To a newcomer to the world of working, a junk yard is a beautiful source of parts to keep the lame car running.

You say: "there is no debate." Will you repeat that arrogance when an "elected" official declares that someone needier than you gets all that you possess?

Anonymous said...

I want the auto shops and junkyards
If they go the only place for parts will be $$$$ dealers and retail.
Pay $2000 VS: $350 for a good installed 700R Transmission...I dont think so!!!

The Mayor can shove the likes of Sharper Image and TGI Fridays up his ass !

Anonymous said...

The industrial operations at Willets Point is the very Queens Crap that the borough does NOT need, they are the epitome of sleaze in appearance and character.
"Eminent Domain" will force those few dozens out to benefit the many millions.

Where, I wonder, all are the detailed photos of these iron triangle "businesses" around here? 44 photos of spring and messed up parks, maybe balance it out a little.

When these "generations" of families, who probably live in Long Island, turn Queens into a wasteland of depravity and trash with their "businesses", they damn well should lose their rights.

Anonymous said...

You know, if the city would put as much effort in improving services, and enforcing laws on the books against illegal conversions, as they put in new development, Queens would be a desirable place to live again.

Anonymous said...

No, sorry, that is a Middle Class issue. They don’t care about us.

georgetheatheist said...

Property rights are human rights.

Anonymous said...

whether or not you like how these auto shops & industrial businesses keep their premises, they have the right to be secure in their property ownership. if they are such a blight, why doesn't the department of sanitation fine them? they have no problem fining every homeowner who may have had a kleenex blown onto their lawn by the wind.

Taxpayer said...

"When these "generations" of families, who probably live in Long Island, turn Queens into a wasteland of depravity and trash with their "businesses", they damn well should lose their rights."

So, you do admit they have rights, but should lose them because you are too sensitive, and you don't like where they live. Well, well, well.

Now read about Zimbabwe and Mugabe and then say that those atrocities could never occur here.

I'll respond to that now: See Willets Point as Zimbabwe and Bloomberg as Mugabe. Think that's impossible? Read about Zimbabwe and Mugabe again, but this time read and THINK!