Saturday, May 12, 2007

What's in Helen's pasta?

Printed in the Queens Chronicle:

"The following is an open letter to Borough President Helen Marshall:

Guarionex Montas, our beautiful 13-year-old son, was brutally killed while playing in his school playground. Our grief is beyond words; our pain unbearable and our hearts are torn beyond healing. Guachy was a sweet, innocent, loving child. A good son, a good brother, a good student and a good citizen. He was a lamb making his way in a world filled with lions. Then one tragic day, he became prey.

How do we describe the agony as he lay dying in our arms, his skull smashed by willful blows? How can we heal his brother’s soul after having witnessed the slaying of his little brother? How do we still the cries of his baby brother and sister or dry the tears of his grandmother who lost the sweet boy who always said yes? What do we do for his cousins, aunts, uncles, friends and the thousands who came to see him buried?

While it is little consolation indeed, all we have left is the hope that we find justice. Not the justice of vengeance, for the call to vengeance darkens the soul, but simply the justice of truth. That the truth be known of who our son was, of how he lived and how he died. We are at least entitled to that.

To those who would abuse their office to publicly prejudge the facts, impeding the proper and full functioning of the justice system, we say stop.To those who would use our personal tragedy as an opportunity to divide communities, one from the other, we say stop.

We respectfully call upon you to disavow your earlier statements that publicly pre-judged the outcome of this case. We urge you to do whatever is within your power to see that the judicial system fully hears this case, free of outside influence. We ask you to use the public platform of your office to urge the jury of public opinion to keep its mind open until all the facts are known.

You have said that you stood up simply to support your neighbor. We respectfully remind you that as borough president, all of Queens is your neighborhood. Was our beloved child not your neighbor too?"

Lourdes Cepeda
East Elmhurst

Borough President Accused Of Favoritism

Aiding & Abetting?

Marshall accused of bias


Anonymous said...

Marshall = President of QueensCrap! My family & I have lost our respect for you. How much lower can you stoop? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Marshal is no friend of our borough's residents.

She only pretends to be!

She often picks and chooses and "dances" according to the steps dictated by her real supporters and friends......those all powerful mega-developers that have Queens in a strangle hold!

She has no real heart.....just a vacant "smile".....pseudo compassion......a mere follower......never a leader!

Shame on her and G-d forgive her for her ignorant callousness!

Anonymous said...

She only favors one group

Taxpayer said...

"her ignorant callousness!"?

Callousness? Yes!

Ignorant? Absolutely!

But, this interference was cold and deliberate. Based on an inborn racism; a lifelong trait.

Marshall has completely destroyed this case beyond repair. Even if justice is delivered, it will forever be perceived as purchased.

Just so that Marshall could pay some racial debts.

Anonymous said...

The teen charged with killing is a gang member with a long history of discipline problem’s who slipped into gang mode, putting on a gray bandana and punching Montas repeatedly in the temple.
Marshall is a close personal friend of the killers lawyer Thomas Burrows
Marshall belongs in jail for lying on the stand However no investigation will get anywhare she has to many political "friends"

This whole group Marshall, Cooper & Benepe and a couple of judges need to be flushed straight down the toilet if Queens is to survive

georgetheatheist said...

What is it with this broad's hair-do?...I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!!!!

Have you ever seen her not enter an Awards Dinner without heading first to the groaning board?

At the Library time capsule ceremony, she called the capsule a "time bomb".

Westernqueensland said...

Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the community. I'm not sure where the truth lies, but I'm sure that we are better off turning this rock over and looking at what is crawling about.

Anonymous said...

Look at Helen's "mug"! Cast in the mold of Shulman but even dumber!

A dullard of a Queens house-frau!

Anonymous said...

The Queen of Crap

BP GAS said...

leave helen alone, she's just trying to do what she does best... crap things up.