Monday, May 14, 2007

The Weiner proposal

Rep. Anthony Weiner wants the focus off of congestion pricing for motorists and onto reducing truck traffic:

Weiner Floats Plan To Rival Bloomberg's Commuter Tax

Mr. Weiner, who calls the Bloomberg traffic plan a regressive tax on the poor and middle class, says City Hall can achieve its environmental goals mostly by discouraging trucks from transporting goods to Manhattan during peak hours, hiking daytime truck tolls, and offering tax credits to businesses that accept nighttime deliveries.

Weiner: Don't tax motorists, target truck traffic

In the meantime, developers are closing city streets for next to nothing:

New York's Cheapest Rent — a Street

Charging developers a congestion fee, Mr. McCaffrey suggested, could provide the city with some of the resources it seeks to raise through congestion pricing. "A $50 fee sounds like a pretty good deal if you've got a $50 million project going up," Mr. McCaffrey, a former council member of Queens, said. "The fee should be considerably more, so that the city could have additional resources."

Photo from New Dem Majority.


Weiner the whiner said...

Anthony "All Talk & No Action" Weiner is again floating his crap that keeps staying afloat because it is full of hot air. Do we have to put up with 2 more years of his shit while he attempts to realize his dream of becoming mayor?

The skinny Weiner should stay focused on congress and stop meddling with stuff he doesn't know a thing about, like transportation.

He fought hard to get on the congressional transportation committee then within a few years lobbied to get off of it because it was too much work.

What a rotten political hot dog, err… I mean weiner!

Anonymous said...

what weiner doesn't realize is that bloomberg couldn't care less about bettering the environment. he wants to clear the streets via congestion pricing so that trucks can make their deliveries, thereby making business more efficient. which is a fine and dandy goal, but why penalize motorists just so trucks can have what will essentially be their own private delivery roads?

Anonymous said...

Repeat.....if we didn't dismantle our efficient rail goods delivery system at the behest of General Motors and the gasoline lobby.....things would be better today, though maybe not perfect!

Remember even the "High Line" once had a real purpose.... not purely decorative or historic..... to merely augment Chelsea's "charm"!

Anonymous said...