Monday, May 14, 2007

Politicians pondering

Our friends at the NYC Council are thinking about where they'll be in 2010:


George Arzt, a veteran political consultant, said the coming years could see a political free-for-all and that term limits present all sorts of problems.

"It means that people with experience are left without their jobs, which makes it unsettling for state legislators as well because they'll be going after Senate and Assembly seats," he said.

You mean we might have competitive elections? How awful!


Taxpayer said...

Does this mean that the "no compete" clause in their party platforms will be eliminated?

What a wonderful prospect: some New York City and State elections where candidates have opponents, and both are determined to win!

New York City and State politicians who have no outcomes fixed. Politicians who might actually remember that it is the ordinary voter-taxpayer who determines elections, not the developers and moneyed interests.

Wow! I want in on this!

Anonymous said...

We need term limits on the state level also!

A good flush in the political system ensures that no crooks will find a cozy nesting place.

Example in point.....look at how long it took to purge that bloated ward healing cheap crook Brian Mc Laughlin from his cushy job!

Anonymous said...

Dennis Gallagher will be in jail in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mc Laughlin and Gallagher will be cell mates!

Two Irish, make that sopranos....after their balls have been properly trimmed!