Thursday, May 3, 2007

Two takes on the T-Bone

You have to wonder if the 2 reviewers ate at the same place...

T-Bone Diner is Queens Landmark Since 1934

T-Bone Diner

Photo from the Queens Tribune


georgetheatheist said...

Hey Crapper, why doncha show the full-page ad for the T-Bone Diner next to this "review". You advertise in Barsamian's rag and you automatically get a "glowing" review. If the corner Queens hot-dog vendor advertised in the Gazette, you'd think you were eating at LeCirque.

[What a racket!]

verdi said...

I like the old photos of the original diner etc. on display in the "T-Bone's" entrance.

Please remove the photo of that CROOK Allan Hevesi that's also on the wall and replace it with his "mug shot" or I won't be patronizing your establishment anymore. It gives me indigestion!

I believe there's also a flick of the notorious developers' "courtesan" Melinda Katz that also needs to be removed.

Steve T. said...

Ha! As georgetheatheist said, your big mistake was thinking that the Queens Gazette publishes actual reviews. I have yet to see a restaurant review in the paper that wasn't a glowing ode that borderline claimed the place being reviewed was the best restaurant in the history of restaurants -- and it's really hilarious when they do it for places like shitty diners and terrible Italian restaurants. Even worse, they're not written like reviews -- they're written like advertising. "Portofino is better than ever and a standard of mine. Come see why!" You won't find Frank Bruni writing "come see why," even about his real favorite restaurant.

When you see the Gazette publish a negative review of something -- if that ever happens -- you can start wondering what the restaurant did to piss the writer off.

Anonymous said...

T-Bone, please remove the headshots of Bitch Melinda & Bastard Alan. I interpret them as mugshots. Other than that, let's continue a legacy at the T-Bone...Forest Hills' diner since 1934.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed the T-Bone stays in business. It is truly awful. The AM New York review is dead on.

If you want a great diner experience, go to the Cup in Astoria. I wish the Cup would open another location in Forest Hills.

Anonymous said...

Oh....maybe we can move and "save" this historic diner and put it next to the "Moondance"!

At least this one is in Queens!