Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bayside profiled by AM NY

It's Bayside's turn to be profiled in AM-NY. It's a shame they got a lot of it wrong, because they made the mistake of getting the "feel" of the nabe by talking to a realtor:

"...there is access to every single expressway and highway in the area. It's like the hub of Queens." "For people who need to be close to Manhattan but can't afford Manhattan rents, it's a great neighborhood," he said.

Close? Not exactly. Pretty crappy transportation as well. Even if you wanted to pay the extra $ to ride the LIRR, good luck squeezing on at Bayside.

City Living: Bayside

At least they talked to a long-time resident and got this part right:

There's a rich history in the old Bayside that is disappearing. McMansions or "parachute mansions" are dropping in out of the sky where smaller places are, and they take away the yards.

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Joe said...

Poor Bayside, I remember the "Old Forge" the same fate awaits Donavan’s.

Anonymous said...

I spend a lot of time in Bayside. (I recommend the "Carriage Stop" a great little antique store that features an assortment of quality items at well below market prices......a real trip down memory lane).

However, Bell Blv'd or "Bar Blv'd" as it's better known is a sharp contrast. On Friday nights it features a noisy collection of bar-hopping people jumping out of suddenly stopped cars.....crowding the sidewalks and feeling confident (after a few beers). Then comes the "mischief making"....hanging off store awnings....pulling on and snapping newly planted curb trees. You know....the boys will be boys stuff!

There are older women looking for comfort and conversation.......
loud 20s plus (past the teenie-bopper stage) looking for some kind of fast entertainment to pass the time.

What an assortment!

Everybody is, hopefully, looking to meet "the right one".....whatever! Maybe they'll just settle for somebody to take home for the evening.

One thing all have in common........they drink like fishes. That's why the drinking establishments do so well. In fact, I've never seen such a wide variety of drunks in such a small concentrated strip since I used to go out drinking myself at my old Manhattan haunts in younger days.

It's a great place to people watch though......a nostalgic throw back to bygone days. But....alas....all shall pass!

The Boulevard is in the process of change. Property owners are getting old and begining to sell out....and look to retirement. This scenario is begining to resemble the early stages of the transformation of downtown Flushing.

Bayside is certainly due for a rude "wake-up" call! This part of Bell Blv'd, by the way, is zoned for 5 story development!

It's already begun! Goodbye Donovan's, Charmet. Coree (open less than a year) and Marretta Bakery is looking to sell off its business. Then you've got one burned out building....a lot of business burglaries recently, etc....not a very promising sign.

Get ready's going to be a rocky ride!

Anonymous said...

Why is it when Mahattan changes, its always for the better?

When Queens changes, its always for the worse?

Joe said...

Joe has left a new comment on your post "Bayside profiled by AM NY":

Yep Bell is going to the dogs or should I say FOREIGNERS with $$ in their eyes as the US Dollar drops against the Euro.
The Rev. Moon organization is bankrolling and paying everybody off. Iranian investors associated with North Shore LIJ hospital are doing the dame thing in Great Neck and Manhasset.
The real estate people have NOTHING on this new bunch who play the race card and bring out the lawyers every time.

Breaks my Heart!
Many evenings I spent with my GF "Rosie" and Eric Carr from KISS (both R.I.P) at The Assembly and Camouflage on Bell. Hell I’m going to go to KC's tonight!!


Anonymous said...

Transformation and rocky ride. The name Tommy Huang comes to mind. Bayside get ready.

Anonymous said...

It'll probably be a "clash of the Titans" to see who will win the real estate/development game on Bell Blv'd!

Italian, Chinese/Taiwanese, Korean investors are already in the game....just to name a few players!

But a local "character" (who sort of sees himself as the Mayor of Bell Blv'd) confidently makes his rounds each day assuring us all......"This is Bayside and these things don't happen here"!

Anonymous said...

They are already happening here. Tommy Huang's highly controversial through lot development has been big news for the past few years.