Friday, May 4, 2007

That sinking feeling

Here's how the city of New York treats one of its retired Finest:

Baysider, city at odds on sinkhole

To anyone walking by, the hole would appear to be on Harap's property, the lawn in front of his brick and stucco Tudor row house on Bell Boulevard near 29th Avenue. But the first 15 feet of his lawn, where the sinkhole is located, is legally owned by the city of New York.

"Since it's in front of your house, it's your responsibility even if it's on city property," he said he was told.

But his insurance company will not cover the cost of repairing damage beyond his property line, leaving Harap in a bind.

"What am I paying taxes for?" he asked.

We wonder that a lot, too, Bill.


Anonymous said...

NYC is becoming a sink-hole!

This is the metaphor!

Anonymous said...

What are you paying taxes for?

1. To satisfy the needs of the 'tweeded' to ensure the right people get reelected and reelected and ...

2. To satisfy the campaign debts from the developers.

3. 'Honest graft' as per Dooley

4. A few dollops of ice cream money to maintain the image that the city is working for you.

Next question?