Friday, May 4, 2007

Taking a plunge on 69th Street

A funeral home with a decent-sized parking lot? Tsk, tsk. That has no business being at 69-07 43rd Avenue. Woodside was meant to host Queens Crap!

Ah, now that's better. What the heck is this going to be, anyway? It looks like day laborers come with it...

Oh good! Don't know about you, but when the Crapper thinks "luxury," 69th Street immediately comes to mind.

Just ignore that body lying in the yard, please. Perhaps one of those gentlemen standing under the scaffolding would like to take his place on the roof.


Anonymous said...

So typical. This is standard.

Crap in a community that cannot handle it, dorms for guestworkers, an injury or two building it, and the whole sordid story beneath the radar.

Feel like breaking out the Tribune for a good read. I want to hear again about those wonderful futures in store for all our politicians. Kind of offsets the shithole they are making for you and me, eh?

Anonymous said...

There are a host of wanna-be rich folks out there who can easily be sold a bill of goods marked "LUXURY"!

Wasn't it P.T. Barnum who said, "A sucker is born every minute"!

This certainly ain't got Park Ave. cache!

No offense intended..... but luxury and Woodside don't generally come to mind together!

Anonymous said...

Well I've certainly seen worse.

Julie said...

The scaffolding expired a month ago, as per the sign hanging on it.