Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Revenge of the Clown

Don't like Atlantic Yards? Well then, you're off the community board!

From the Daily Gotham:

...Markowitz is now showing that nasty, vindictive side as he fires members of Community Board 6 who failed to blindly support Markowitz's master, Bruce Ratner.

Markowitz had appointed people in hopes that they would sign on to Bruce Ratner's project faithfully and blindly, much as Pataki was able to do with the much tamer Empire State Development Corporation. Ignore the fact that Ratner has filed no business plan and is expecting taxpayers to foot the bills for him, Ratner demanded and Markowitz wanted to deliver...but it didn't work that way. The Community Boards showed they actually had some scruples and some sense of serving...well, the COMMUNITY, not just millionaire developers who happened to be Pataki's law school crony.

Now I hear the letters have gone out. It is Revenge of the Clown as Markowitz fires anyone on the Community Boards (again, I know this for certain about Community Board 6 and possibly others) who has shown any spine in standing up for the community against Ratner.

Full post here:

When Clowns Go Bad: Marty Markowitz Goes on a Rampage

Photo from Brooklyn Record


Anonymous said...

Look, the Community Boards are increasingly going to be drawn into the spotlight as the preservation movement gains momentum.

As they are currently constituted, they are a bit of a joke, especially outside of Manhattan.

verdi said...

That's why Spike Lee called it "Crooklyn"!

"Big Marty" certainly appears to look like the bloated crook that he probably is!

georgetheatheist said...

I LOVE Marty. I LOVE Bloomie.
Didja know that both of these Romeos were born on February 14 - be our Valentines.

Anonymous said...

Sons of the "St. Valentines Day Massacre"!

Bloomie is killing our city!

Marty is marring Brooklyn!