Friday, May 4, 2007

Local weeklies on commuter tax plan

Boro reps protest mayor's new commuter tax

"People are going to drive their cars not because they love their cars, but because they don't have any other legitimate transit options," [Liu] said.

On Board: Congestion management fee just a commuter tax

Why should residents of the outer boroughs who pay the same taxes as those living in Manhattan - remember, we all live in New York City - be singled out for this commuter tax?

Congestion Pricing Debate

“It is a regressive tax that hits the poorest hardest, and doesn’t deter the better-off.”

More 'Nays' From Queens For Mayor's 'Congestion' Plan

The News analysis found that six community board areas in Queens were among the top 10 in the city from which the most Manhattan-bound motorists travel each day. Board 7 in Northeast Queens topped the list with 8,700 vehicles going into Manhattan, Board 13 in Southeast Queens had 6,800 and Board 5 (Ridgewood, Maspeth Glendale, Middle Village and South Elmhurst) had 5,800.

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Anonymous said...

If this was something that would not hinder development, the local opinion against this scheme could be screamed to high heaven and it would be simply ignored in the official channels of public forum. This coverage is just another example of a misguided public being used and giving rope to hang themselves.

Look at all the press coverage for 'affordable' housing. Not only covered by the media, but augmented by a host of obscure and mysteriously funded 'grassroots' groups.

Look at the even greater cry for a control if not ban on new development.

Ignored ...

or if mentioned, through clenched teeth with a message mutilated.