Friday, May 4, 2007

Action on Jackson

Things will soon be greener along Jackson Avenue, and we're not talking about the expansion of the ugly Citicorp development:

Jackson Ave. to get green upgrade by city

After all this time of it being allowed to sit in the same condition for so long, we wonder why now?

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Anonymous said...

New trees, bike paths, and the like? Of course any public moneys to help the private developers (read campaign donors) to sell properties.

Schools and hospitals for the local taxpayers? (hahhaha)

Firehouses and improved sanititation collection for the resident voters? (hehehehe)

Waterfront access and parkland for the same public that the put the local politicans in office?

[editor's note: at this point the writer, overcome by belly laughs, fell off the chair]

Anonymous said...

Maloney has put millions of fed $$$ into Queens Plaza rehab. This is probably part of it.