Sunday, May 13, 2007

Kaufman-Astoria Studios expanding

The studio has been in the neighborhood since 1919, when its founder, Adolph Zukor, pioneered a $2 million “picture studio” in Long Island City for The Famous Players — Lasky Corporation (later to become Paramount).

At the time, Zukor foresaw the migration of the film industry around his new digs. “Thus do mole hills become mountains ... ,” he said at the time, adding “other producers followed our lead, discovered the possibilities of Long Island City and now several more laboratories and studios are under construction.”

Expansion Planned For Kaufman Astoria

Update 5/17/07, Times Ledger:

Kaufman-Astoria to begin expansion project

Photo from Queens Chronicle

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Anonymous said...

I am happy that TV shows and movies are being filmed at KAS, I just wish they wouldn't snarl traffic filming on the streets.