Saturday, May 5, 2007

Illegal converter on LI may get jail time

...Daos had been cited by the city in February for cramming 29 tenants into 16 living units with two communal bathrooms and two communal kitchens in what was zoned a two-family home at 265 E. Chester St...the average monthly rent was $500 per room, and the rent roll topped $100,000 a year.

Case adjourned for illegal board house owner

Nassau County Tax Assessor Harvey Levinson has called for "a brief sentence of imprisonment," for the woman, Mona Liza Daos, 36. "I am well aware that a jail sentence is rarely imposed upon a zoning violation, but if any case calls for a sentence of imprisonment, this is the case," Levinson wrote in an April 12 letter to Judge Robert Bogle of Long Beach City Court.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a switch .... oh sorry ... I was not careful in reading ... this is about Long Island not Queens.


Anonymous said...

Good! Cram him into a 3 by 6 foot jail cell with 29 other inmates and no toilet facilities!

How about following suit NYC DOB?

Not in a million will put a kink in the cash flow from builders to politicians....and slow down the stream of over development!

Anonymous said...

cram him into a cell ...

ummm, sounds like a Pistilli project ...

(just joking, boys, just joking ...)

Anonymous said...

There's a Pistilli project in Glen Cove also....far from College Point.