Saturday, May 5, 2007

Day laborer killed in excavation accident

A day laborer from Ecuador was killed yesterday when an eight-foot-deep trench collapsed at a Brooklyn elementary school, burying him under hundreds of cubic yards of dirt, officials and his employer said.

Mr. Amendano’s employer, Mohammad Sajjad, president of Star-Pak Contracting in Brooklyn, said he did not know a lot about the dead worker — not his name, or the name of his brother — but had been told that the man was originally from Ecuador, lived in Brooklyn, was married and had two small children.

Day laborers like Mr. Amendano are generally hired in the morning and paid in cash at the end of the job.

Construction Accident Kills Laborer at School

The Department of Buildings said it had not issued a permit for the work being conducted at the site. “The Buildings Department is issuing two violations to the contractor for failure to provide protection on the sides of excavation and working without a permit,” a spokesman said.

Mr. Sajjad said he did not need a city permit for the work because his crew was not altering any structure. “We’re not changing anything,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Mr Ackerman and the clubhouse, always falling over yourselves with one empty headed tweeder rant after another.

Now is time for federal legislation to protect workers, yes the backbone of the Democratic party of Roosevelt and Kennedy.

Or does your interest with these poor souls only goes as far as the needs of the clubhouse: photo ops with beeming immigrants and a politician with the latest handout, smiling benignly at the mass naturalizations, and perhaps, just perhaps, harvesting potential voters?

How about respecting them as people, fathers and husbands with real families trying to make a better life for themselves.

You have created and systained a system where human beings are held in economic bondage: so many cyphers, faceless statistics, mere cogs in the development juggernaut.

Anonymous said...

Wow! And where are all those immigrant advocacy groups?

Keeping quiet and toeing the line because they are (ahem) financed by the politicians?

Anonymous said...

Will DOB put a tombstone on the site!

I suppose that these immigrants are to viewed merely as the "fodder" of quick and shoddy down and dirty development.

Once again.....the rich get richer and the poor just die!

Shame on you all who use hard working immigrants (be they legal or illegal) for unsafe work or patronizing politicians' photo ops!

Rest in peace!