Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Flushing arboricide protested

The Daily News has picked up on the story of the arboricide at the Fitzgerald-Ginsburg mansion in Flushing:

Protesters' arbor grudge

Eugene Kelty, chairman of Community Board 7, said that the commission designated the entirety of the site purchased by Kim - not just the mansion. "They designated the site. They did not say just the building. That means the driveways, the trees and everything else that goes with it and that is what we are contending," said Kelty. The protestors also contend that the owner illegally put up a 6-foot-tall red stockade fence along the property perimeter.

The CB chair in North Flushing shows up at protests? Holy Toledo...

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

"We are going to send out a warning letter and also tell the owner that he must ask for permission as regards the stockade fence," de Bourbon.


Hey LPC: Why not send a bouquet with the letter?

Anonymous said...

Again, there is a compelete breakdown of common community values and tastes here.

A walk through downtown Elmhurst or Flushing is the result. It seems if you have 'many communities', you have 'no community'.

How do you reverse this?

verdi said...

This picture is worth a million words!

Kim looks much like a smiling lunatic murderer.....standing in the midst of his corpse strewn property.... without a clue or shred of remorse for what he's done.

A similar grin can be seen on the face of David Berkowitz (the "44 Caliber Killler") shortly after his capture!

G-d will not forgive this sinister "minister".

His Kharma awaits him!

Anonymous said...

Flowers and a bottle of the finest Bourbon!

LPC's de Bourbon must be "tippling" her own namesake!

Anonymous said...

Kick that SOB's ass with some serious fines....maybe a lien on his property!

That's what this scoff-law "sorry I didn't" know brand of liar needs!

Otherwise scrap the Landmarks law, since Ms. de Bourbon doesn't believe in enforcing it anyway!

It this kind of shit went down in Manhattan, there would be Hell to pay!

Anonymous said...

So..... is CB#7 going to "hang-tough" on this.....maybe schedule a public meeting?

Anonymous said...

How is a pastor able to afford a landmarked mansion?

Joe in Manhasset said...

Q: How is a pastor able to afford a landmarked mansion?

The Rev. Moon orginazation has been bankrolling the big buys in Flushing for the past 10 years.
Im not sure how this works but these business somehow get ordained as clergy to beat paying the taxes.

BTW Rev. Kim like COUNTLESS other ....CAUGH GAUGH....landlords in Flushing will collect $20-30K rent from "followers" sleeping 6 to a room and pay no tax on that property.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Moon's old "Unification Church" (or as I prefer to call it the "Unification Real Estate Acquisition Co.") is defunct.....due, perhaps, to old Federal convictions??? of the "illustrious" Reverend!

The new tactic seems to be a decentralization in the process of acquiring real estate by some Korean "churches"........maybe?????

Are these separate "churches" really tied to Moon???

Who knows? But we're losing a lot of formerly taxable properties from our tax base!

I'm currently looking into obtaining not for profit I can (eventually) donate my house and, in the meantime, remove myself from paying the ever increasing real estate taxes!

If you can't beat 'em.....join 'em!

Anonymous said...

"BTW Rev. Kim like COUNTLESS other ....CAUGH GAUGH....landlords in Flushing will collect $20-30K rent from ... sleeping 6 to a room"

Sounds like those 'luxury' buildings going up near Astoria Park and Queens Plaza.

Anonymous said...

If CB#7 member Chuck Appelian's house is adjacent to this property and this is what's allowed to happen.....G-d help us all!