Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Construction Safety Week

The DOB has a number of events planned for this week, including:

May 1: Homeowner's Night
May 2: Safety First: Demolitions in Urban Environments
May 3: Structural Condition Assessments: The Challenges and the Solutions
May 4: Safety Front & Center: The New NYC Construction Codes

Graphic from NYC.gov.


Taxpayer said...

What's this? DOB and safety?

More condoms from Bloomberg?

For when DOB screws homeowners and beds down with developers?

Anonymous said...

Gee....Hudak and his PR boys are really working overtime to banish all the bad press that DOB has gotten!

Ha, ha, ha....."Construction Safety Week"! We won't be "soft-soaped" by this kind of insult. Does this mean that for the rest of the year DOB can resume its usual shoddy performance?

You guys should work this hard at doing your real jobs.....protecting us citizens by upholding the law....which includes the building code.

Or do you prefer to reiterate what a former DOB superintendent stated at Flushing a civic meeting (about 12 years ago). Supt. Ron Mc Cain stated, on that occasion. "......our... job is to give out building permits...."! He was, subsequently banished to the far reaches of the Bronx for some of his obtuse comments.....and the crappy overall job he did!

Nevertheless, he seems to have (embarrassingly) told the truth in regards to DOB's real agenda.....issuing lucrative building permits!

Anonymous said...

Well, lets see if any of those immigrant advocacy groups take up this theme, or like the poverty pimps of the 70s, they exist to forward their own agendas on the innocent backs of those they are to serve.