Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Congratulations, SoHo

You've been Trumped by the Donald!

SoHo up in arms over Trump's latest project

"The proposed condominium units may not be used for residential occupancy," reads a warning on the building's Web site. "They may only be used for transient occupancy and for no other purpose."

But that requirement will be "virtually impossible to enforce," say activists opposed to the project. They accuse the city of flouting its own zoning laws by allowing Trump and his partners to build what will amount to luxury condos in an area where they are prohibited.

"The city has set a precedent for all of these other developers to step in and do the same thing," said Councilman Tony Avella (D-Queens), chairman of the zoning committee. "They're ignoring their own rules."


Anonymous said...

That is ok Tony, the politicians, which already rank up there with used car salesmen, are digging their own hole.

The public is fed up with them. Their control over the media is slipping (thank you Crappie.)

The next step is for the public to figure out a way to run for office and beat the bums.

A few years away, yet!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it time that balding ego maniac bought himself a decent hairpiece? What's money for anyway! That "dead Muskrat" (as it's been so aptly described) atop his head is a joke.

Let's pool our resources and buy him a transplant. While we're at it, let's transplant him to Mars where his "stylish" buildings will be way out of sight!

georgetheatheist said...

Re Comments from Anonym #2 on the alleged "enfant terrible" Donald (Muskrat Ramble) Trump::

Hey Crapper,
Could you plunk your magic twanger and conjure up this blast from the NYTimes past: "A Handsome Hunk of a Glass Tower" by the esteemed architectural critic Herbert Muschamp (Sunday Times Art/Architecture section, p. 30, June 2, 2002.)

Muschamp did a GLOWING review of Trump World Tower, 845 UN Plaza at 47th St. (Folks, that's the sleek black building to the right of the UN which you see crossing the Qveensborough Bridge.)

Some controversial(?) quotes:

"..the most primal building New York has seen in quite a while."

"...found a surprising number of admirers among New York's younger architects."

"It punches through the morbid notion that the Midtown skyline should be forever dominated by two Art Deco skyscrapers, the Empire State and Chrysler buildings,..."

"I sense no abatement of the city's Darwinian drives."

"Architecture, we forget at our peril, is inherently violent."

"In a sense, construction sites are crime scenes. Memories, landscapes, slices of sky, beloved vistas and old neighborhoods are violated even when buildings of distinction take their place. Perhaps the most architecture can do is convert aggression into desire, its primitive twin. Beauty is an effect of this emotional transmutation."

"Monsters don't come more Unspoiled than Donald Trump and the World Tower is the fullest expression of his purity to date."

"Trump does better when he ignores his critics than when he pays attention to them."

Etcetera, etcetera.

Thanks, G the A