Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Will new technology help avoid collisions?

From the Queens Courier:

Councilman Rory Lancman and Public Advocate Letitia James called for the implementation of collision avoidance technology in city vehicles and showcased the technology in a retrofitted MTA bus.

Collision avoidance technology acts as a bionic eye to alert drivers of impending danger including other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Lancman and James indicated that the technology has demonstrated an ability to increase safety by reducing overall collisions by 60 percent.

Moreover, the elected officials called for local companies such as Rosco Vision Systems of Jamaica, which is headquartered in Lancman’s area in District 24, to help develop the technology for citywide use.

The legislation calls on the city to implement the technology in the vehicles that are most often involved in pedestrian accidents, such as Department of Sanitation collection trucks and NYPD police vehicles.


Anonymous said...

These guys just fart new laws out everyday, phfft,another law.phfft phfft there like cows in a field.

Anonymous said...

Another vendor for another no-bid contract with bags of cash to contribute to the council members' campaigns. Congrats to Rosco Vision Systems of Jamaica, well-played.

Anonymous said...

Why does Letitia always have that pouting expression ? It's the same at every news conference.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much Rosco Vision gave in political contributions?

ron s said...

Please ban portable podiums for political photo-ops.

Anonymous said...

Howcabout personal responsibility? Take your head out of your assand your personal deviceand look where you are walking. Oh if you want toride your bike orrun wearing dark non reflective clothing , expect topay the price.