Wednesday, August 19, 2015

LIC: hotel or homeless shelter?

From Court Square Blog:

We were poking around the Department of Buildings website earlier this week and noticed that a new permit was pre-filed with the DOB on July 29, 2015, calling for an eight story-mixed used build, with 19,989 square feet of commercial space and 19,799 square feet of residential space for a FAR of 3.98.2 The occupancy classification on the permit calls for “HOTELS, DORMITORIES” and there will be 29 dwelling units. Based on a review of the permit, the owner appears to be Amsterdam Hospitality, which has ties to homeless shelter developer Alan Lapes.


Middle Villager said...

Alan Lapes is another shady landlord making big money off the homeless. He and others of his ilk made a $35,000 campaign contribution to dumBlasio back in 2011-12. Strange how a politician who made a name for himself by criticizing the DHS and the people they do business with, should get a large donation from the very people he was crying about. Face it dumBlasio was bought and paid for just like our local politicians. It appears that the homeless industry is way to lucrative a temptation for our politicians to resist. More homeless=more no bid contracts=more money for buying politicians. A the beat goes on.

Anonymous said...

can you say sanctuary city?
there are plenty more coming!

"De Blasio administration eases work requirements for welfare recipients"

"...eased the work requirements for tens of thousands of New Yorkers receiving welfare benefits."

lets see
don't speak or learn english
no education - don't need one?
lots of kids
the checks keep coming
life is good

and they want $15/hour min wage.

"Immigrant center hits record number of immigrants staying overnight"

"saw nearly three times the average number of immigrants staying overnight over the last 30 days."

more are coming...
the pres will bus them to your local shelter and help these "dreamers" be reunited with the rest of their 47 relatives.

and you are paying for it

Anonymous said...

Watch, when the real estate industry goes through its next bust if places like this are converted to homeless shelters, and since we all know there is big bucks in it, there would be a sudden big shift into hotels into shelters.

Remember this is all financed on borrowed money, and you can not miss a payment with those fellows.

Now follow me on this.

What would happen if the area is in an uproar over shelters, and another Sandy hits the waterfront - as it will - again - and again.

Now rumors start to circulate of kids with odd sicknesses and dark secrets are whispered about inadequately capped brownfields (what is one that is 'adequately' capped mean anyway)


Anonymous said...

What is the address of this location? I thought I read NYU Langone was building in that spot.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Why not build affordable housing!!!

Anonymous said...

No- just, No to all slumlords. The community needs to organize against this.

Anonymous said...

I believe there's a master plan behind the on-going placing homeless shelters in middle class areas, with social stability and good public schools, such as Elmhurst, Glendale, East Elmhurst, and now Hunters Point LIC. Those planning all this believe that by literally placing the homeless and their children in middle class neighborhoods the endless cycle of poverty will end, as the kids will be exposed to a middle class world. Although noble, this plan has zero regard for the financially ULTRA-stretched homeowner who will see the value of his home drop substantially, and his neighborhood's quality of life go down. I understand more with every year living in NYC why people move out to the suburbs. I'm ready to go.

Anonymous said...

But no place has the concentration of hotels or soulless cheerless dorms masquerading as apartments like LIC - with no real amenities - or real community or much of anything.

This guy is proposing something toxic right in the center of everyone's frenzied development. If this becomes just one shelter everyone will jump off the radar.

Locals protesting? There is no community. Its been replaced by transients. And they aint gonna fight - they will just move. No one is crowing about the area - just developers.

I tell you, this place's character could change overnight.

Middle Villager said...

" I understand more with every year living in NYC why people move out to the suburbs. I'm ready to go." ... Screw that. I should leave the neighborhood I was born and raised in because of a misguided social experiment? I would much rather stay and fight the conniving landlords and their paid for political accomplices. Don't run, stay and help to organize the community to fight these money grubbing bastards and their political flunkies. The war is not over.

Anonymous said...

I understand more with every year living in NYC why people move out to the suburbs. I'm ready to go.

Middle Villager, they have hacks writing stuff like that. The pols only care about destroying a community so they can give it over to their campaign donors. Just ask the people of Dutch Kills and Hunters Point.

Anonymous said...

Organize all of those brownstone owners who live right behind this proposed development. I'm sure not one of them wants this in their backyard. There's still some community left, you just have to make them aware of what's going on. It's time to get serious about attending the community board meetings and writing letters to the politicians. This cannot happen.

Anonymous said...

There is no community left - remember when they broke into Mudiscas Rusticas Restaurant, trashed the place and the community calmly stepped over the broken glass until she showed up - and this after all her touting the new residents.

In the old days the wise guys in LIC would have made those punks pay for a stunt like that. The problem with LIC is that the old was arrogantly swept away.

Oh no, you want something done try the tower people to get a real flavor of that community. See how far you get. Unless its craft beer or effused bullshit something they couldn't give two shits.

Real estate will bite you in the ass. When its all said and done, there is no one but the pols who will go out to fight for the developers. And if we are looking at a lot of tweeded and tweeder programs from shelters, which is the heart and soul of NYC Democratic Machine, guess who gets thrown under the bus.

The real problem in LIC is that its fake and artificial - there is no 'there' there - which makes this community very vulnerable to 'changing demographics' in the not too distant future.

All it needs is one joker putting up a shelter in the community, and letting all the other developers know what a gold mine it is.

Anonymous said...

here's still some community left, you just have to make them aware of what's going on.

the pols want everyone clueless, now it impacts them they want an energized community to help them.

Anonymous said...

1. they do not want the tower people to be involved in anything controversial as the fear is they would bolt for the door.

2. a lot of small property owners are ticked that they are being forced to move. a good stunt by a few of them - selling for shelter to be built, would drop a match on overheated real estate values and be great payback.

Bobby said...

This is crazy! It will ruin this area if this does go through. I am a young resident living and invested in LIC since 2009. I would be interested in organizing a group of folks from the community and taking this matter up with the concerned authorities. Please do respond on this blog if interested.