Saturday, April 4, 2015

Petition to create park at Whitestone CYO site

As you know, the remaining 6 acres of the former CYO/Whitestone pool site is coming up for auction. This will most likely lead to some sort of development. At our last meeting, We love Whitestone adopted the following resolution by a unanimous vote of 100%. stating : "We Love Whitestone, will NOT support any development on the old CYO/Whitestone pool site, nor the Former Grace/Waters Edge Superfund site, other that what it is currently zoned for AS IT STANDS TODAY."

However, the petition linked below is a better alternative in my humble opinion. Please take a moment to sign it. I encourage you to share it on your pages and ask your friends and family to sign and share as well.

Alfredo Centola
Founding Member
We Love Whitestone


Anonymous said...

75 3 family's should produce some nice property tax revenue to help support NY s next wave of democratic leaches. Whitestone park will soon look like flushing Meadows.

Anonymous said...

I'll sign, but online petitions mean nothing. Even the ones that are gathered the old fashioned way, in person, are easily ignored.

The problem is , without political support nothing happens. The specific problem here is that an elected official is tied to the development of this site.

Wanna gues who that is?
If you don't know you are naive about saving that site for a park.
Good luck, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Daddy Vallone is the lobbyist for the developer. He sat many a night behind closed doors with disgraced convict councilman dan halloran and sometimes Devon oconnor sat in to strategize fake community support.
So yes now baby boy Paulie V is the sitting crook councilman and daddy is the lobbyist.

Anonymous said...

The auction is on Tuesday
May the best subsidized bidder win

Anonymous said...

The new area when developed will be called "Valoneyville"!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Al for all you do. Your common sense and honesty are breath of fresh air. You and your are exactly what all communities need.