Saturday, April 4, 2015

Avella eyeing behavior of consulting firms

From the Observer:

State Senator Tony Avella, a Queens Democrat, said today he will push legislation that would require disclosure for all political consulting firms that have “substantial contact” with both elected officials and other clients.

Mr. Avella, reacting to a NY1 story about the significant influence the consulting firm BerlinRosen has on City Hall, said he would want these firms to disclose their activities like registered lobbyists already do.

“The fact of the matter is that these firms are meeting with government officials, all the while advocating their outside clients’ interests,” Mr. Avella, the chair of the Senate Ethics Committee, said in a statement. “Whether these firms are directly making requests of elected officials or not, they are in a position to broker agreements, expedite client meetings, and influence decision-makers.”

Mr. Avella noted he already backs legislation that would separate the activity of lobbyists and political consultants–the bill appears unlikely to pass either chamber–and said it’s “high time” to review laws regulating the activities of consulting firms, who critics say perform some of the same duties as lobbyists without having to register with the government.

“It is high time that we review the law regulating these activities and I am committed to developing legislation that would require disclosure for all firms that have substantial contact with both elected officials and outside clients,” Mr. Avella added.


Anonymous said...

Tony for MAYOR - he's the ONLY HONEST POLITICIAN IN QUEENS! And he actually knows what it means to work!!!

JQ said...

The dingos/lobbyists are out there and the majority of electeds know it. Avella can't do it alone.

Anonymous said...

Good! Let's take a look at Paul Vallone's "substantial contacts" with his developer clients, pals, acquaintances, or otherwise.

Where does this lawyer-politician's allegiances lie, with his constituents of his developer client list.

Vallone-y baloney is all we get from this grinning shady blowhard. He is joined at the hip with his REBNY clients.

Their cash flows like water into his campaign coffers.
When a politician can be bought, our votes mean nothing. He is in for the long haul. And when you get in up in Albany, you can settle down . No term limits there.
Term limits for every political office is a good start to clean up that cesspool.

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant Avella idea that will go nowhere because his Albany assassins will kill it.

Will Moby Stashitzky favor Tony's move?

In the shade of the old apple tree, this shady old lady sits, nice and comfy with her co conspirators.

Anonymous said...

All lobbyists should be required to wear a yellow dunce cap emblazoned with dollar signs so they may be easily identified on sight.

Cover that chrome dome Signor Vallone.