Friday, April 10, 2015

An oily mess in Flushing

"A few months ago, a major house alteration began at 149-15 33 Ave in Flushing, making the house approximately double its current size. On December 22 a Stop Work Order was issued. It has since been lifted and construction/digging recently began on March 26.
On April 2, I noticed after one of their dump trucks with attached trailer was lifting the dump portion and maneuvering, there's a pretty big oily mess, either oil or hydraulic fluid, all over the street and sidewalk on my corner now.
Hope it doesn't cause a car accident from sliding due to an inability to stop, especially if wet when it rains." - anonymous

UPDATE 3:30pm


Anonymous said...

I would call 311 and asked them to throw down sand or cat litter.

Anonymous said...

It's Flooshing. Maybe it's wok oil.

Unknown said...

That's not just any garden variety oil---it's the slick, political runoff pollution that is now visibly bubbling up from beneath the dark and oily dungeon-like chambers of democracy's demise. Now, this is far scarier than anything fictionally produced by George Orwell, Kurt Vonnegut and Albert Camus, combined!