Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jamaica is still a dump, literally

It has been awhile since I reported any Jamaica trash, but while walking my dog in an area that I rarely visit I came across this. Just another typical empty lot in Jamaica Queens complete with a whole shitload of garbage (large garbage bags, tires, bottles, cans, container, plus the pieces of the broken wooden fence). From the looks of it, this just did not happen over night, but has been some time in the making and not one concerned individual, city official or leader noticed this. It is not like it is in a desolate area, it is on a busy street: 91-22 175th Street just off Jamaica Avenue. The ironic thing is that is that this lot is just two lots from a so-called "luxury" apartment building (which actually is pretty nice-looking), yet the view is this garbage dump. In fact, 175th Street, with a few of these "luxury apartment buildings" is a pretty garbage strewn street, which is too bad because with the exception of a couple of the typical 3rd world shithole 3-story apartments that not only litter Jamaica, but other parts of Queens, there are actually some very nice homes on this block. Well, at least the ones that survived the horrible zoning laws that allow some of these nice homes to be torn down to put up 3rd world tenements or an empty lot, like this piece of shit. Again another example of the horrible leadership past and present in Jamaica Queens and the population of the low class filthy savages that populate Jamaica. Both parties have been dragging Jamaica down for decades. Why don't some of you politicians put this accomplishment on your websites. SHAME!

The owner of this property (91-22 175th St) had several violations over the years from the get-go beginning with the demolition. Can one of you city leaders or politicians give me a straight answer why this was allowed to continue for so long and why so many owners of such properties are allowed to continue this all the time. CAN ANY OF YOU GIVE ME A DAMN STRAIGHT ANSWER?

Most of you are a waste just collecting a damn paycheck from the tax payers money. From the USELESS Queens borough president with one foot in the grave, Helen Marshall, to the corrupt useless Jamaica politicians like Shirley Huntley, Vivian Cook and some of the rest of you pathetic leaders. All you need to do is look at Jamaica and see that most of you have done SHIT! Some of the most useless bums in the city. The old saying "Throw the bums out" could not be more appropriate! As you can see you do not deserve my respect, because from where I am sitting, all of you, past and present have let Jamaica go down the shitter.

Joe Moretti
Jamaica, Queens


Anonymous said...

Joe, I drove around Jamaica just yesterday and saw a ton of exactly what you have been posting. I could not believe it! Even the area directly adjacent to the LIRR terminal and AirTrain is a shocker . Didn't Helen ( epitome of useless and clueless elected politician) spend $millions to "upgrade" that specific area to bring in tourists and commerce??? I remember that area from the hasn't changed a bit...and only looks worse and scarier. Keep up your fight!

FluShing Rezident said...

FluShing looks like crap too! Corona is another majorly Third World-like locale.

You are great Joe!!! Keep it up!!! We need a Wall of Shame for Queens website - hmm!!!

A place to post pictures and list all the local pols that should be taking action.

Think I just got inspired!

georgetheatheist said...

In Queens, they don't "throw the bums out", they "throw the bums in".

Anonymous said...

It's not the City, or Jamaica.

It's the people. No sense of civic pride. Stop bailing Jamaica out, let it go to hell.

Anonymous said...

Well, remove the clapboard and the Bed BUgs are gone!