Friday, October 2, 2015

Plenty of room at the inn

No one is building affordable housing in Queens, but there's a shitload of hotels. Thank goodness, since we can always use more homeless shelters.


Anonymous said...

Yep. That's the future. Hotels every few blocks along Jamaica Avenue/Jericho turnpike in eastern Queens. Why? Bellerose and Floral Park have a huge tourist influx? I don't think so. The city is obligated under law to house the homeless. The problem is intractable and insoluble. The pay-by-night solution in hotels is the future.

(sarc) said...

You build for maximum return on investment. DUH

So have you ever woke up in the morning and said "I think I should invest a few million into affordable housing, where I will hopefully break even and rent way below market rates to people who don't care and will most likely destroy the place"?

Or "I hope I win my two dollars back on this Mega million ticket"?

Me neither.

Anonymous said...

Are tourists really staying in these hotels? Friend is a hotel maId at Sheraton in Flushing and she says the rooms are empty most of the year. Went it to use the bathroom last year and was amazed the Sheraton brand would allow the conditions I witnessed. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

It has to be hotels because so every foreigner who invests $500,000 in a BUSINESS can "come over" and receive instant green cards for the whole family and stay for life. These "hotels" then cry HARDSHIP then become living space.
Its a "buy your immigration" scam for foreigners who can come up with cash.

Anonymous said...

If it were pay by hour, the community will flip out, but pay by night, and they seem ok with it.

Hopefully these properties could eventually be turned into affordable condos by joining 3 rooms together. At least these properties are likely built to a higher standard.

In the long run, investors dont care who stays in their hotel, but do care how much they will get per room.. so a nice check from the goverment, garaunteed per night, is a good business decision.

JQ said...

I recall in the late 80's rather large gatherings of rouge covered thigh high booted street walkers walking up to cars plying their trade.

This decision should bring it back.