Saturday, May 2, 2015

Assemblywoman catches AirBnB'ers on hidden camera

From CBS 2:

Business is still booming for Airbnb in New York City, even though a report last year from the state attorney general found that most of the listings in New York City violate the law and take affordable housing off the market for New Yorkers.

As CBS2’s Sonia Rincon reported, Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, D-Manhattan, went undercover to see exactly how it’s happening.

Rosenthal used a hidden camera and got one leasing agent to admit he didn’t really live at an apartment and that it wasn’t really supposed to be rented short-term.

“If somebody asks you something, never mention in the building Airbnb,” he told her. ” … Because this is supposed to be residential.”

State law prohibits someone from renting out an apartment for less than 30 days unless that person is also staying in the unit.

But those aren’t the types of places Rosenthal found on Airbnb.

“Thousands of units that belong in the housing market to rent to New Yorkers are taken off the market and reserved for tourists,” Rosenthal said.

She says the apartments she saw had no evidence of anyone living there.

“So, in fact, they were hotel rooms,” Rosenthal said. “There were no clothes in the closet. There was no food in the kitchen.”


Anonymous said...

Can any of you see an elected from Queens doing this.

Of course not.

They spend their time as:

1. agent for developers,

2. pandering to seniors for votes,

3. pandering to ethnics for support,

4. pandering to unions for support,

5. finding jobs for party foot soldiers in welfare state,

6. living a a reality divorced from their constituents and reality,

7. and finally spending their evenings proud to stand with their amazing colleagues giving each other awards and citations.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that hotel that's trying to sneak into Broadway Flushing, in a former one family home will be an Air B&B destination. 14 rooms and 11 baths ? Yang's Eternal 7 insists that this is a one family residence for a large extended family.

There's an old saying in China. "The mountains are high and the emperor is far away".
Translation....engage in any sneaky activity you want. The city agencies are not watching.

Anonymous said...

Great summary by poster 1. Nail meets head.

Anonymous said...

Why are politicians so against AirBnB ?
Not everybody wants to blow $220+ (not including NYC hotel surcharge & tax) a night for some box with a fancy toilet that shoots warm water up your ass.

Whoever one invites into ones OWN castle is nobody's dam business ESPECIALLY THE GOVERNMENT enough of this big petty brother bullishit.
Look at whats going on in Flushing to Little Neck with these stealthy Asian birthing barracks, mass law breaking, political corruption and bribary.

Anonymous said...

Running a hotel is, you dumb ass.
A man's home is his castle, eh? What if I decide to manufacture meth in my basement? Oops, that's illegal! So is operating a B&B in a residential neighborhood.
You can have whatever sex you want with a consulting adult in the privacy of your castle. But do not try and fuck us up the ass with your weird perceptions.