Thursday, May 7, 2015

Are better roads in our future?

From CBS 2:

Sometimes it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil, and in this case it’s nearly $250 million dollars’ worth.

CBS2 was the so-called squeaky wheel on behalf of angry New York drivers. And so, after demanding answers week after week, month after month this winter about why the roads are so bad, residents and commuters are hopefully on the highway to driver heaven.

“It’s going to be a big victory for the motorists of New York City,” Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said. “Actually, I’ll give this mayor credit. This is going to be some of the most miles of resurfacing the city has done in many years.”

CBS2 has learned that the mayor has decided to add a hefty $242 million for road resurfacing to the capital budget, which is funded through borrowing.

What this means to you, the driver, is:
* 1,200 lane miles will be resurfaced starting July 1
* An additional 1,300 lane miles will be resurfaced starting on July 1, 2016

That should make a substantial difference in the quality of your ride throughout the five boroughs.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but shortly after they finish resurfacing, a telephone, cable, or electric company digs the road and do a poor job of closing it.

Anonymous said...

They can start with Queens Blvd.

Anonymous said...

A major part of this problem is when utilities dig up the road and do a shit patch job that crumbles and sinks a few months after. The city needs to push these companies to patch the road properly and it will make a huge difference in keeping the road in good shape.

somethingstructural said...

File to very short debates:

Q: "Are better roads in our future?"
A: No.


Anonymous said...

the city council should divert the" Participatory " million dollar awards that recently was won by so-called community voters.

in my council district three schools won the majority of the $$$$. this is wasteful, being that the NYC DOE receives 22BILLION per year from the resident property taxpayers.

no residents can out vote the employees and P.T.A.'s of the many schools in Queens.

while the town infrastructure decays (CURBS. medians, dividers),the schools reap the tax $$$$$. the cost of one pupil is $20,000 per year ????????

repaving will not solve the problem

Anonymous said...

How about repairing street lights and realigning thee new led's???

Anonymous said...

My Street in Whitestone Queens has been repaved 3X in the last 6 years. Each time it lasts only a year before Con-ED digs it up and leaves it a mess.

Anonymous said...

did your council member (50 in NYC total equals $50,000,000. )award the majority of the "Participatory budget million $$$$" to your local school/doe/uft/union members , in order to have donors when the councilman runs for office again ?