Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Another sad day for the NYPD

From the Daily News:

The NYPD was plunged into grief Monday after a hero cop who had been shot in the face by an ex-con died after a valiant two day struggle to stay alive, sources said.

Officer Brian Moore is the first cop killed in the line of duty since December, when officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were executed by a cop-hating maniac as they sat in their patrol car.

Moore, who was 25 years old, died at Jamaica Hospital.


Anonymous said...

Yet another animal set loose on the streets to commit the most heinous of crimes against humanity. May it rot in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Let the "Bombast-Outrage" begin. i.e. "he should be (Insert favorite form of capitol punishment here)" But how many of you outraged individuals voted in the last mayoral election , After all it's a problem caused by comrade Bills ceasing of stop and frisk policy that was contributory to P.O. Moores death.Perhaps, just perhaps, the support offered by Joe Lhota to NYPD could have changed things. Shithead De Blasio won in an election characterized by the lowest voter turnout in NYC history... Apathy won and Three of our finest are dead because of it. Think about THAT next election cycle while you're home early from work watching Judge Judy

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there have been more cop killings since City Council enacted the ban on "stop and frisk."

Anonymous said...

3 cop deaths in 15 months since he took office. Nice going Duh-Blazio.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous # 3 Said

"I wonder if there have been more cop killings since City Council enacted the ban on "stop and frisk."

You're joking right?

Anonymous said...

I was part of the 23% who did bother to vote. Too bad the outcome was not what I had expected.

Anonymous said...

I've been fired from jobs for working while white but this guy gets murdered for it.

I blame Al Sharpton, bell hooks and any other idiot who uses the mythological term- white privilege.

A Better NYC said...

Sorry to say it's only a matter of time before this happens again.


Anonymous said...

To the civilized a Hero is lost
To the uncivilized a hero is born
Times have changed,how sad.

Mr Mayor,is a dead white cop still a racist ?.

Anonymous said...

25 years old...what a shame

Anonymous said...

Please try to get your info correct folks before you comment.

Stop and frisk has NOT been stopped - Just the abuse.

Perhaps I read the report incorrect - they were about do that.

Anonymous said...

As bad as the NYPD has it, it could be worse.

Take a look at Baltimore. They have police officers under indictment for manslaughter and one for murder. If I was a police officer in Baltimore I would be looking for a new job. NYPD can start hiring.

That's what happens when the Democrat party gets to run amok for 50 years. That would have been NYC if it wasn't for Rudy Giuliani.

Anonymous said...

"Please try to get your info correct folks before you comment.

Stop and frisk has NOT been stopped - Just the abuse."

Last August, a federal judge ruled that the NYPD’s 4.4 million stops from 2004 to 2012 - of which 80 percent were of black or Hispanic individuals who made up more than half of total frisks - were done in violation of the Fourth Amendment and singled out targets for their race, violating the Fourteenth Amendment.

Anonymous said...

this is a perfect case where police are just not going to be proactive anymore. why bother stopping someone who has a gun. this animal has already been arrested for attempted murder. he was set loose back on the streets. the people most affected by this will be those that live in these neighborhoods. i guarantee you by the end of this weekend you will have 5 more black men killed by other black men (you will have to read deep into the papers to find any mention of these killings. usually they are in the crime briefs).

Anonymous said...

my condolences to the Brian Moore family.did you visit your local N.Y.P.D.Pct. and express your support of the troops ? I did. they are very appreciative. they will not fail us, even if the Communist Mayor orders a stand down ,as the so-called Mayor Blake of Baltimore did. she & the so-called P.D.Commissioner should be recalled immediately.

could this riot have been ordered by high level communist /progressives ,to keep Hillary out of the media ?

Anonymous said...

No, Gramps. They're too busy planning the invasion of Texas.

Anonymous said...

communist revolutionaries attacking the nations PD'S is not a new tactic.The period of 1965-1979, the Weather Underground ,the Students for dem. Society, the Black panther party, the F.A.L.N Purto Rican Communist nationals planted bombs ,robbed armored trucks,killed troopers/guards. many of the self identified communist revolutionaires are now teaching your siblings, after their prison time and pardons by left wing presidents.

a new book "DAYS OF RAGE "by Brian Burrough may express the anti-police sentiment of the 60-70'S , that seems to be realized in 2015. just in time for the 100 anniversary of the Bolshvik Revolution in the Communist U.S.S.R.

if your loveone was killed by these Marxist/Maoist scum ,or if you had to evacuate a building that was bomb targeted by them, you can relate.

BTW: no group was ever penalized for the LaGuardia airport TWA baggage locker bombing that killed 11 and injured 35 , in 12/75 at Christmas vacation time.

Anonymous said...

I believe that it was generally thought that Croatians were responsible for the LaG bomb, rather than Communists.

Anonymous said...

according to B.Burrough ,the Croatian Nationalists (Anti-communists) admitted to planting the bomb in the Grand Central Station locker, when they were arrested for hi-jacking a LaGuardia to Chicago plane to drop anti-communist leaflets.
they were sentenced to long prison terms and are now living in Europe, never able to return to the U.S.. they were wrong to take their frustrations out on us innocent Americans.
I was shuttling my relatives to my stepfather's wake/funeral that week. We were all in jeopardy....

a bomb squad member was killed attempting to diffuse the bomb, in the Bronx. R.I.P.

a check of records will show that no one or group ever was officially indicted or found guilty of this evil act.

Burrough's new book states that the Croatian Nationalists did it, but shows no official documents