Thursday, May 1, 2014

Termite trouble in Jamaica

A resident, Mr. H. enlists assistance from team P/J. He said, tree cutters came some time ago and cut down an ailing tree. He said, "the damn tree trunk is now being eaten by termites and soon the termites will eat my home."

The termite-infested tree trunk is on the side walk, just a few feet away from Mr. H's home. In the first photo, the tree cutters were captured demolishing the tree about five to six weeks ago. Location, 171 street between 108 & 109 avenues, off Merrick Boulevard.

Residents on both sides of the street said, that they have called 311 and Deputy Leroy Comrie numerous times. They said that they were given the run-around and Deputy Comrie has remained unavailable.

Ms. Boranian/constituents personnel at the Borough President's office; can you please contact the appropriate agency and have this plague removed?

Please hurry, Mr. H. is living in fear and the termites are desperate for food.

This infested tree is also a health hazard and an eyesore.

Other photos were taken yesterday (4/28/14)

Clean-up Jamaica, Now



Anonymous said...

If you cut down a tree... you should move it. Why is that such a hard theory to follow?

Anonymous said...

Wow this city is horrible, they cut down a tree and leave the mess behind. Then the residents of the block call the appropriate people to help and of course the city and the councilman don't care and are no where to be reached in times of need. This man's home is at risk of termite infestation and will the city pay for his damages after, no way!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with this man? Why are people so lazy and impotent these days, always expecting someone else to take care of their problems? Take some responsibility and protect your home! Someone leaves a cut tree near your property and you want it gone, hire someone to take it away yourself, bring the man who cut the tree and left it there to small claims court if you want restitution.

Queens Crapper said...

You don't seem to understand. The city cut the tree down. They have one crew cut it down and another crew collect it. Good luck suing the city in small claims court.

They do this all over the city.

Anonymous said...

Even when they finally collect the pieces of the tree, the stump that they leave behind will feed termites for many years to come.

Anonymous said...

Best way to stop termites is keep plants from touching your building

Anonymous said...

A private tree service company is responsible to remove the tree cuttings. The same should hold true for the city's forestry division. If it's still there after 10 days, then complain to your community board and 311.

Anonymous said...

"What is wrong with this man? Why are people so lazy and impotent these days, always expecting someone else to take care of their problems?"
We pay taxes for these services and expect the city to run them efficiently. Should the home owner pay twice to remove the city's tree ?