Friday, June 3, 2011

Ignoring tax cheats

From the NY Post:

The city's list of tax breaks for homeowners targets the aged, the disabled, military veterans and members of the clergy.

But add a new category: the greedy.

The city, which admitted it doesn't check whether the requests for property-tax exemptions are legit, has awarded at least 45 homeowners four or more tax breaks on claims that the recipient is a cleric and veteran who is disabled and elderly, a Post review found.

And they get a fifth break, under the School Tax Relief Program (STAR), by claiming the property is their primary residence -- all without any proof they're eligible.

A Bronx homeowner, Holman Young, who claimed five tax exemptions, is not disabled or a clergyman, according to his own sister, Geraldine Maheira, who lives with him at 1692 Weeks Ave.

Maheira, who answered the door at Young's home recently, said her brother -- who was traveling out of the country -- is an Army vet.

The gravy train is conducted by the Department of Finance, which has admitted it grants the annual tax breaks on an honor system and does not ask for any documents before giving the handouts.

In fiscal year 2010, the city shelled out $300 million worth of exemptions to roughly 789,600 homeowners.


Anonymous said...

How strange: we've had to submit DOD documentation for six years to maintain vet's status....

Anonymous said...

I work hard, pay my share of taxes and live paycheck to paycheck. Where's my tax break? The middle class should get a break. We have to pay for all the scammers.

Anonymous said...

have you confronted the council member or mayor, who voted for 20.8% increase in property tax since 2001 ? I have. they squirm with this question.

do it at any townhall meeting,civic group,parade letter to editor ,etc.if you voted for the taxers who got elected to higher office,confront them ,the hate it.they figure you forgot.

remember in november.

veteran's risked their lives for the Nation, and the U.S.Government granted them veteran's benefits like G.I.Bill,Home owner loans,tax exemptions(partial), burial privileges.

you owe your FREEDOM to the veteran's who fought for you. do not undermine them.

if you want less spending by government,then consider voting for Conservative representatives, like the TEA PARTY PATRIOTS are doing.

good luck young Americans, and God Bless America.

The Minesweeper,Korea 1952