Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Astoria "ghost house"

From Scouting New York:

An old Victorian adjacent to the N line, 31-01 37th Avenue has been abandoned as long as I’ve been scouting. To me, 31-01 has all the details that make for a perfect ghost house: a looming facade, sharp, menacing angles…A weed-strewn front yard and battered door...rotting wood and lots of broken windows. I wish I knew some history about 31-01 37th Avenue, but there’s little to be found online.


Anonymous said...

It's been like that for as long as I remember. I grew up in Astoria from early 1970s and lived there until 2005.

A scary place indeed! said...

The great entrance to that dark realm whose name they whisper: Vallonia... a dark terrifying place where none dare glance at the spectral beings whose whims rule the lives of all they hold in their enthrall ... where strange miracles happen ... as gold is magically conjured to pay for an East River ferry that goes nowhere but the steps of empty haunted waterfront towers of the politically connected ... while not a crooked farthing for the ill starred tragic Steinway Mansion.


Anonymous said...

is that anthony perkins ,in drag, in the attic window ?

Anonymous said...

Man, that's one creepy looking house.

Anonymous said...

So..someone has been paying the taxes? Is the place still sealed? Has anyone ever lookied in a window to see if there's a body in there, still watching the "Honeymooners" on a B&W set?

Anonymous said...

I remember it was used as a location for the absolutely horrible movie, Under Hellgate Bridge. I'm not sure if they filmed the interiors there as well.

Anonymous said...

The only thing notable about this house is the illegal demolition via mother nature. 6mo - 1 yr ago someone removed all the roof tiles, exposing it to the elements.

Not much of a scout if you can't find the property owner. Can haz public records, anyone?

Joe said...

Shame, Id have that restored in 9 months. The biggest issue with these is the doorways. In many pre-20's houses you 6 feet clearence at most.
Is it for sale ?

Anonymous said...

Johnny C posts on Scouting NY:
The Astoria house has been empty for at least 20 years. I live nearby and see it every day. The siding was recently pulled off, exposing the wood you see in the photos. It really needs to be ripped down. It being so close to the N train, makes the land much more valuable than the structure.

Spoken like a true blue Vallonian -property is worth only what can be put on it - 'neighborhood'? 'community'? how quaint.

They may be waiting for the house next door to sale - and being old fashioned (one of those infamous 'neighborhood' types) they stand in the way to big buck$ - and a chance to build a human barracks next to the train (this is in that Dutch Kills Civic area) - a stunt that no one has tried en mass since the Bronx or Brooklyn in the 1920s - and look how THOSE areas turned out - but a record like THAT will hardly stand in the way of true red blooded Vallonian.

Naw, with the roof gone - the place is ripe for a fire - and - oh glorius opportunity! - just might get rid of that pesky 'neighborhood' guy next door.

Anonymous said...

The property is owned by "VENTURA LAND ACQUISITIONS, LLC."


Toxic site on this property Yes
Sale date 9/23/2005
Sale price $180,000 WOW

Seller Summit Enterprises, Inc.

Onorato, Edward L

Erik Baard said...

For many years I've dreamed of restoring it if I had money. I would consider the neighborhood Dutch Kills though.

Anonymous said...

the land of political vampires!

Take care that you leave before dusk,
lest Count Don Pietro and la famiglia of the undead mark you for a bloodletting.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed....Vallonia is the Transylvania of our borough.

Pete senior and junior are always looking for fresh blood.

"V" is for vampire!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the Vallones and the Steinway mansion will soon look like this haunted house.

which of La Familgli di Vallone's developer friends is currently drooling over the Steinway property for development?

Just check out the Vallone's campaign contributions for the answer.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true blue Vallonian -property is worth only what can be put on it - 'neighborhood'? 'community'? how quaint.

But notice the lowest zoning in Astoria is in the area surrounding Vallone's blocks.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 9:

Onorato? Any relation?

Sonia said...

Always loved that house. I check it out every time I drive to Costco. Wish I had the money restore it.

Anonymous said...

Yet no one knows the Principle owners of VENTURA LAND ACQUISITIONS, LLC." and SUMMIT?

Come on now? Chuck out Apelian and the Developer creww Vallone has assembled in the Whitestone Bayside Lions Club, you know that new "bastion" on community awareness and civic mindedness. People put the damned dots together.

Anonymous said...

Vincent Sbiroli

Anonymous said...

Death record and obituary for Vincent Sbiroli from Great Neck, NY - Vincent was born on July 29, 1928 and passed away on Tuesday, April 27, 2010.

Anonymous said...

Death record and obituary for Vincent Sbiroli from Great Neck, NY - Vincent was born on July 29, 1928 and passed away on Tuesday, April 27, 2010.



Anonymous said...

Greater Astoria Historical Society urge the community to help the Steinway Mannsion.
Visit Greater Astoria Historical

Maggie said...

There's quite a bit of info about this building on the NYC DOB website (http://a810-bisweb.nyc.gov/bisweb/PropertyProfileOverviewServlet?boro=4&houseno=3101&street=37th+avenue&requestid=0&s=A03C41B885B461E4F46BD08866A7430E)
including the open full demolition order from last year.