Monday, June 27, 2011

Goose slaughter on its way

From the NY Times:

Between 700 and 800 Canada geese are expected to be rounded up from parks in and around New York City and killed in the next several weeks, the city Department of Environmental Protection said Thursday afternoon.

The city will not say which parks, however, or when.

The department released the names of several parks where the 2010 goose roundup was so effective that it said there was no need to do another one this year. They include Prospect Park in Brooklyn, where 368 geese were rounded up last year and killed in the name of airline safety; Douglaston Park Golf Course in Queens (109 geese rounded up last year); East River State Park in Manhattan (67 geese); and Roberto Clemente State Park in the Bronx (55 geese).

But officials both of the city environmental protection department, which orders the kills in city parks, and the federal Department of Agriculture, which counts the geese and captures them, refused to say which parks would be the targets of roundups.


georgetheatheist said...

Repetition is the branding iron of knowledge:

"And God said...let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air..." - Genesis 1:26 (King James Version - my favorite!)

Archie said...

Good !
The Geese are Illegal Alien's !!!
Likely Evil free loader French Canadian lefty-woo nationals trespassing.
Let them land in Mexico or Bermuda with the Mayor

Anonymous said...

Actually they aren't, which is why this is stupid. These are resident geese which hardly fly at all. They arent causing plane problems.

Anonymous said...

You would think the Mayor could focus on a real problem like rats or bed bugs.

Anonymous said...

The rats in Manhattan are as big as small dogs and run in groups!

Rego-Forester said...

One would think that the Dept of Environmental Protection would protect animals. On the contrary!