Saturday, June 11, 2011

Halloran thinks it's all about him

From the Times Ledger:

When it comes to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, everyone from Democrats to Republicans agree on one thing following his $70 billion budget proposal, according to City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone).

“He sucks as a mayor,” Halloran said during a town hall meeting about Bloomberg’s budget last week at PS 203 in Oakland Gardens. “To get all of us to agree, that is a big deal because we don’t agree on anything. The mayor has united all of us at being ticked off at him.”

Halloran contended Bloomberg’s plan to close 20 firehouses was personal because out of the 20, one was in his district — Engine Co. 306 in Bayside — and two others were where his brothers work.

“That’s a pretty big coincidence in a city of 9 million,” the councilman said, noting he believed Bloomberg chose those firehouses because Halloran was going to subpoena which firehouses he planned on shuttering.

But a Bloomberg spokesman said the 20 firehouses are a draft list that came from the FDNY, not the mayor, and that the decision to close the 20 has nothing to do with Halloran.

“The list is based on usage rates and response times and the data is clear as day for why they were chosen,” the spokesman said.


Anonymous said...

Look at the stomach on that guy!

THAT is the definition of "Lunch Monkey".

-And he has a Napoleon complex to-boot.

Way to go Bayside. Send us another joke.

Anonymous said...

A classic example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Hollerin' Halloran sputters and rails against Bloomberg (with good cause) but this Theod chieftan cross-dresser associates with associates of the Gambino crime family!

What is "doofy" Dan making off of supporting up-zoning the Whitehouse restaurant block?

Anonymous said...

Halloran's a brew guzzling legend in his own mind!

He sports his beer belly like he earned a silver star.

Hey....convicted rapist Dennis P. Gallagher likes "fatties" and they're both Irish Americans.

Maybe we can put the two of these guys together.

The baldy & belly twins.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait 'til Halloran's gone.

I'll throw a "kegger" to celebrate.

The beer's on me boys.

I might even invite Dan.

Hey walrus face'd better resign as your party's chief.

Your Republicans are finished after this Halloran fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Jesus K. Ryste!

Dan had better not think of mimicking Anthony Weiner by e-mailing one of his staff members an explicit view of his anatomy.

How would you find his putz under that front porch of his without a GPS device?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "Three Sanitation Workers" will help him protest the cuts.

Anonymous said...

the dems do not criticize the Manhattan congessmen Fatso's, or the Queens,St Albans CM "FATSO ".

Fatso N.J.governor Chris Chrystie won election,with the public unions trying to destroy him. he will not spend the state into bankruptcy.

if Halloran is demonized out of office, the democrat dictatorship lives ,and we all lose eventually.

do you want more Manes,Mc glaughlin, Seminerio, Leffler, Spitzer , Hevesi , WEINER'S weiner ?????

government checks and balances are the safest for the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

"government checks and balances are the safest for the taxpayers."

-That much is true -but you don't get "checks and balances" from the gop.

Don't bank on him having a larger future:

Anonymous said...



Joe said...

Whoa WTF__
They might be the correct weight if they were all at least 10 inches taller.
These guys cant afford treadmills, dietitians or give a dam about their appearance ?
Jeez, They all look close to death !!


Anonymous said...

whats with all the anti italian comments on halloran threads
are some avella people mad that halloran has more support in the italian american community then avella
bye bye tony 2012

Anonymous said...

You wish, Bub. Tony's going to be there for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 7:

Once again, the guy who does the most demonizing is complaining about the guys he likes being demonized.

Anonymous said...

avella will be gone 2012
and theirs nothing that the operatives that get bussed in from jackson heights, astoria and chelsea will be able to do

Anonymous said...

Avella will be there in 2013 and there's nothing that guys who can't write a proper sentence in English can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they chose those firehouses because there's been a mysterious fire "SLOWDOWN" obviously caused by Union workers.

Halloran's another Republican dickhead, whose obvious political agenda is to attack US, the working class of America. While these shitheads ship our jobs to China and Mexico and claim it's our fault for not having a job. I say this as a FORMER Republican too.

I'm waiting for another American Revolution so I can BURN them at the stake.

Anonymous said...

Al centola came out immediately defending the working class sanitation guys Halloran tried to demonize. Al reminded us on this site that Sanitation workers and their families live in the same City they were being accused of sabotaging. Also, the poor schlep that was outed by Halloran works for DOT not Sanitation.

Anonymous said...

Al has my vote!

Anonymous said...

What about the city council pension????? Same as UFT etc... They taking those away as well? What about, the guaranteed pension after just one term?

Anonymous said...

So Halloran will have something to fall back on after his one term in office.

Anonymous said...

not to worry ...when the out of control public unions bankrupt n.y.c.taxpayers,there will be none of the four GOP or 46 dem CM's ,on the council. it will be defunct.

no taxpayer salary, equals, no needless social engineering legislation.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there will always be a City Council or something like it, Gramps. You need a legislative body of some sort. Despite what the current Mayor thinks, there is no such thing as one-person rule around here.

Is not not having a dictator in power grand?

Queens Crapper said...

We don't have a dictatorship in this town? Could've fooled me!

Anonymous said...

"The greatest trick the devil(dictator) was pretending he never existed". We truly believe we are not being controlled by a dictatorship?

Anonymous said...

"The greatest trick the devil(dictator) was pretending he never existed". We truly believe we are not being controlled by a dictatorship?

Alfredo said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence nut I have no desire at this time to hold office.

Anonymous said...

a strong and vocal, Queens and n.y.c. Tea Party Patriot ,support will change the gangster government, that has enslaved n.y.c. for 50 years .

liberal /democrat/progressive/rino gangsters must be challenged, before we go bankrupt.