Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Collecting on sign fines

From the NY Post:

A slew of zoning violations worth $32.7 million in fines has been doled out to owners since the city started cracking down on illegal signs and billboards by highways five years ago.

But of that total, just $4.7 million worth of summonses have been settled.

That leaves a big chunk of change -- $28 million -- still either in judgement or awaiting adjudication.

And now, officials are tired of waiting for the cash to come in.

"We have reached out to the businesses, used outside collection agencies and searched for seizable assets in an effort to resolve these debts," said Finance Department spokesman Owen Stone.

A single violation can reach $25,000 -- and some signs are slapped with multiple violations.

The city and the billboard industry have been battling for a decade over enforcement of regulations that prohibit billboards within 200 feet of a park or highway.

It's still in litigation.


Anonymous said...

I can show the city 2 giant billboards within 200 ft of Tank Park and the LIE both of which are in your face . Enforcement, yeah right!

Anonymous said...

"...2 giant billboards within 200 ft of Tank Park and the LIE..."

One is for the Lottery which makes $ for the state. Of course that won't pick up a violation.

Anonymous said...

They just buy the ads (not that they should do this). The people who are beig targeted own the billboards themselves.

Anonymous said...

Lady Bird Johnson weeps.

Anonymous said...

Most of those this big signs are owned by VIACOM or Clear Channel.
No politician dare give the order go to after those mega media company's. They need them.
TV, Radio and print media can make or destroy a politician.