Sunday, June 5, 2011

City and state don't compare notes

From the Times Ledger:

A Glendale business never got a license to open a restaurant, city officials said, but that did not stop it from getting a liquor license from the state.

Villagio Pizza, at 79-76 Cooper Ave., is listed as a factory, according to the city Department of Buildings, and does not have a certificate of occupancy to serve food.

The issue was brought up at a Community Board 5 meeting earlier this month, when Chairman Vincent Arcuri said Buildings had contacted the community board to alert it that the business was operating illegally.

But Arcuri said the State Liquor Authority should have caught the mistake, since it issued the illegal eatery a license to serve beer and wine May 9 that is valid until Jan. 31.

The liquor license on file on the authority’s website lists an address that does not even exist in Buildings’ database.

The authority did not respond to questions about the license by press time.

But a document from Buildings about the address of the owners, 79-04 Cooper Ave., which is attached to the restaurant, shows that a stop-work order was issued on the property.


Anonymous said...

Picture is old. The Burger Place is now where the Villagio Pizza used to be. The Villagio Pizza moved closer to the mall and took over the place that was a deli/bookie joint. Pizza Classica has the Villagio beat hands down with food.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Villagio and its shitty pizza is no longer there. The Burger Bar is now the current occupant.

Anonymous said...

But of course...there's always a lot of money to be made all around by everyone...BY NOT COMPARING NOTES!

Anonymous said...

The confusion within the article about the Pizza and its relocation and the out of date image has me a bit confused.

I hope Burger Bar is not impacted at all by this. Its really great food!

Queens Crapper said...

That's because you people are a bunch of morons. The subject of the article is the pizzeria, not the burger place.