Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brooklyn wall collapse injures firefighter

From Eyewitness News:

A partial wall collapse injured a firefighter in the Prospect Heights section early Saturday morning.

A brick hit that firefighter in the face.

The collapse followed a four alarm fire in the seven-story building under construction on Washington Avenue.

The fire broke out around 4:00 a.m. in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn.

The building was vacant, but officials say three people suffered smoke inhalation as the fire and smoke spread to surrounding structures.

Investigators are looking into the cause of the fire, which took about three hours to bring under control.

They are also concerned about the stability of the building and whether the rest of it may collapse.

Department of Building inspectors remained on the scene.


Anonymous said...

Yes.. ok ... this will be on Channel Two news tonite along with pet grooming tips and the latest dirt on 'American Idle'

.... but this is one of the reasons that people are leaving this site Crappy.

We hope you don't go the way of most challengers to 'the System'...

after a handful of years get stale and unfocused ...

while the 'bhoys' in the Clubhouse stuff another dead boogyman on their walls after it self destructed and lost its way.

Anonymous said...

The Fire Dept should raze the structure. My take is that vandals were in the building or laborers.

Unfortunately a firefighter is injured.

Anonymous said...

".... but this is one of the reasons that people are leaving this site Crappy."

First of all, ever hear of spell check (American Idle)? Secondly, where is the demographic data that would support your conclusion, troll?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Moby is looking the other way and Evan is posting again. That guy's such a loser!

Queens Crapper said...

Funny thing is abandoned buildings that collapse causing injury and have been featured regularly on this blog since its inception. This is to highlight lack of building code enforcement and the city's inability or unwillingness to hold owners and landlords accountable until something terrible happens. So you need to seriously ask yourself if I am the one that has changed or if you are.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said..."My take is that vandals were in the building or laborers."

What kind of moron correlates those two.

Anonymous said...

crackheads make themselves a crack house out of abandoned buildings

Anonymous said...

Stalled construction? Sounds suspiciously like those fires in Brooklyn that clear those pesky rent controlled tenants...arson as capitalists tool. Like everyone else so far, I'm just speculating.