Friday, June 10, 2011

$421 million in outstanding DOB fines

From Eyewitness News:

It was one of the worst construction accidents in the city's history: a crane collapsed killing 7 people. The Building's Department hit the general contractor, Reliance Construction, with $65,000 in fines. That was three years ago, and those fines are still unpaid.

A year ago, a worker fell to his death at the construction site in Brooklyn. The city hit Express Builders with 10 safety violations and $127,000 in fines.

A year later, Building Department records show the fines are still unpaid. The builder refused to meet with Eyewitness News but said he's dealing with the fines.

But many of the records show the fines are still owed and the city continues to grant the builder new permits to do more work.

Two and a-half years ago, an audit by the city comptroller recommended that the city deny new permits to builders with outstanding fines. After all, the city is unforgiving when it comes to illegal parking, as it makes millions towing cars.

The Finance Department says it's taking several steps to increase collection but there is $421 million in outstanding Building Department fines.

Wasn't I just blogging about this last week?


Anonymous said...

recommended that the city deny new permits to builders with outstanding fines?

How about - no permit to do business in NYC or NYS instead?

Jerry Rotondi said...

Maybe if NYC collected these fines we wouldn't have to see the closures of firehouses and schools.

Thank you Mayor Bloomberg for continuing to give your friends in the real estate building industry a free pass.

Can't wait 'til your term ends.

Yocap said...

Amazing, I will not be allowed to renew my MV Registration if I owe a few tickets, but the builders can keep on getting building permits even when they owe thousands. As already mentioned, Bloomie and his Real Estate Buddies....

Anonymous said...

Super Halal Meat Market at 253-06 Hillside Avenue. This store was renovated and expanded without any city permits. Almost all the violations and summones are still outstanding. Lets see if the city ever gets paid and lets see if the city ever enforces the violations.

Anonymous said...

196-29 42Avenue site is,( the J.Liu/Koo and owners connected by campaign donations),in progress as KON WAH DAY CARE CENTER.

over $50,000.00 in 25 violations owed.

and it looks as if construction is being done presently on the second floor roof. it is only zoned for two stories.
it is also two basement levels UNDERGROUND for the 250-300 ,2-5 year old children.

Anonymous said...

I agree maybe if New York City collected the fines and enforced the laws when it comes to building code violations the city wouldn't have to close firehouses and layoff teachers. Somebody better wake up.

Anonymous said...

Funny how everbody says the DOB does nothing yet there are 421 mil in unpaid fines ?
Be prepared residents of Middle Village, Bayside & Forest Hills, your neighbor will now have the power to file multiple complaints and trigger multiple agencies at your door.
We'll see how long that will last.

Joe said...

Its not going to work without jail time & padlocking buildings
Builders and landlords simply look at fines as a "nuisance tax" to do whatever they want.
You have to hit them HARD and where it hurts.

Anonymous said...

Most of those fines were levied by the Environmental Control Board -

In order to draw permits contractors must go through licensing, training... and ultimately, are responsible for their work. They should not be able to draw new permits without clearing the violation: not JUST paying the fine, also correcting the condition! There are several HICs out there who have violations written to them (versus the owner) who leave the property with all manner of complications, and continue to draw permits so they can screw someone else. This is not only a matter of collecting sorely needed funds, it's also a matter of consumer protection and safety.