Monday, November 2, 2009

Claire still lobbying illegally

From the Times Ledger:

The board of the Flushing Willets Point Corona Local Development Corp. met last Thursday with other leaders, including Maura McCarthy, Queens borough commissioner of the city Department of Transportation, to discuss options for the long-neglected area.

Possible plans discussed at the meeting include one which is not well-known among nearby residents but could have a significant impact on the area’s character: the construction of a pedestrian bridge connecting Flushing’s business district to Willets Point.

Such a bridge would serve the purpose of bringing the two areas together as a cohesive whole, said Fred Fu, former president of the Flushing Chinese Business Association and current president of the Flushing Development Center.

“We Flushing people are concerned about Willets Point. We don’t want Flushing and Willets Point to be competitors, two cities,” he said. “If we have a bridge, they will be one city.”

Current city plans for the Willets Point redevelopment project do not include a bridge or money to build one, however, so Fu and other local business leaders are pushing through various channels to boost support for one.

The proposed bridge would cross onto TDC's property on the east bank of the Flushing River. Why does no paper bring this up? Oh, and one more thing (from Neighborhood Retail Alliance)...

Claire, for her part seems to continue to spit in the face of the ongoing AG investigation into the questionable political activities of her so-called not-for-profit local development corporation-and he signed federal waiver to refrain from lobbying: "Former Borough President Claire Shulman, who now heads the development group, said she and the group’s board plan to secure funding, maybe even from the federal government, for the bridge and that they “intend to do everything we can to make sure it happens.”

So, let's get this straight. Claire's going to go and lobby the federal government-the same one that she pledged to refrain from lobbying in order to be granted her not for profit status-in order to get money for a project that is on land that the city doesn't even own yet.


Anonymous said...

Throw that fucking bitch in jail already and throw away the key. That's OUR money that she is stealing!!!

Anonymous said...

Wrinkly Claire must step down or the DA step up and indict her immediately.

A bridge over the green goo from Flushing - who will use this? What a stupid idea - Is it to hide the illegals and bordello's in Willet Point from Flushing?

M-o-o-o-o-o! said...

I'm sure that "Crown" would be willing to donate an an unused dumpster for Claire's retirement.

It can easily be converted into a cow shed.

Putting this bovine bitch out to pasture in Nebraska would be much cheaper than us taxpayers footing the bill for her incarceration.

Anonymous said...

She's an old lady!
She's an old bag!

She's an old LADY!
She's an old BAG!


S T O P ! ! ! !
You're both right!


Omar the Tentmaker said...


Your orange jumpsuit is ready!

Anonymous said...

why the hell don't fu's folKK pay for it ?