Monday, November 2, 2009

Kevin Kim really gets around...

"I decided to do a search for Kevin Kim's Manhattan address. Looky what I found! Check out Kevin Kim's address...

For someone who has lived in Bayside all of his life, this guy really gets around!!!"

Why is he using different addresses to give money to a Boston politician?

I thought he was just like me? I'm not doing that!


Alan said...

I truly think that this bears repeating, especially in light of the statements found in Kim's campaign literature:

I was Googling around and found this on another blog. Holy Cow!!!:

The Political Pagan

This is a blog that comments on both Paganism and politics in the United States, from a leftist-liberal point of view.

Anonymous said...
Turns out the pot may be calling the kettle Black. I am a Flushing native and quiet pagan and I heard through the grape vine that when Congressman Ackerman was asked what Kevin "Dukun" Kim practiced he laughed and declined to answer. A neighbor explained to me that Kevin is an adopted named and that Kevin Dukun Kim - Halloran's Democratic opponent is named after his paternal grandfather a powerful Dukun. A native belief system indigenous to Java, it has spread all the way to Korea where Kevin Dukun Kim was born. Superficially an Islamic faith it has a very strong and ancient belief in animism, ancestor worship, animal sacrifice and shamanism. The Dukun are respected and feared figures even in the most orthodox areas. Some Dukuns are feared for being very powerful practitioners of dark magicks.
A dukun is consulted when a person perceives they have an issue that has a supernatural or paranormal association. If a dukun is not known to the individual, their family or friends, word of mouth often creates a situation where the dukun will appear as if summoned, most especially in the case of possessions. Many highly prominent and highly educated Asians, even those with Western doctorate and masters levels degrees still employ dukun or soothsayers. Dukun are known to have curative powers. They may use incantations, herbal medicine, animal parts, inanimate objects, spiritual communication or guidance, prayers, offerings, the keris or any combination to effect their curatives. Dukun are believed to be able to communicate directly with malevolent and benevolent spirits. A Dukun practice involves drawing a half circle of food offerings, including opium and incense and weapons in the form of nails, glass and needles. The dukun then chants a spell and actually asks spirits to embed the items in the victim’s stomach. So the difference between Halloran and Kim is that Halloran did not hide his faith. Either way though people in this North Eastern Queens neighborhood are going to elect a pagan.

October 21, 2009 9:00 AM

Kevin Kim is being groomed to be a puppet of the Democratic clubhouse of Ackerman/Schenkler/Nussbaum and all of the other criminals that are trying to gain complete control. Please show them all the door on election day by voting for Dan Halloran. Don't let District 19 fall to the darkside (which rhymes with Parkside).

katie said...

ummm... who's the guy on top?

Alan Gross said...

I just watched one of the worst news reports that I have ever seen! There was a demonstration and counter demonstration today (Sunday) at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center. I was not there but I heard that it was a contentious event that was attended by U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer. I was informed that the event would be covered by NY1 news.

That is not what NY1 showed, however! Instead, they showed a small group of people outside of Dan Halloran's campaign headquarters and it was reported that the crowd wanted Halloran to quit the race because of his pagan religion and anti-semitic views??!!? Huh? Dan played it cool and said that it was more important to focus on issues affecting the community such as taxes. On the other hand, NY1 news showed a brief clip of Kevin Kim stating that religion has no place in an election!

So why didn't the reporter question Kim about the demonstration by his supporters that was centered around the issue of religion? Furthermore, why didn't they use the footage shot at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center? I don't get it. I wouldn't put it past Ackerman to strong arm the media, in this case NY1 news, to promote his personal agenda. The Democratic party of Queens is doing its best to destroy democracy in this borough. I hope that there is an investigation and that all of these bums start doing hard time, instead of giving us a hard time.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me for being off topic with the election tomorrow but bloombucks just spent a record amount on any election in U.S. even presidential elections it sounds like at over 100 million. Pathetic what democracy has become in this country the last ten years.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard? It's not about separation of church and state. It's about separation of money from your pockets!!! Kim and his "supporters" are the real racists. The Ack attack won't work in the 19th. The people are too smart for Trib shit.

a common patriot said...


Posting here is good but voting is better.

And if you don't trust Kim
(I don't) then flip the damn lever for Halloran!

Each vote is democracy's little magic bullet.

They're neat and bloodless too!

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Ragusa, Tabone, Halloran. Take the gloves off already. Show Kim's tie-in with Tribune prostitution. Family man? Are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

nicely put patiot.

all you queens doormats know what is going on.

how many of you wrote to the papers?

how many of you ACTED UP when the cameras are rolling and ackerman/shenkler/kim was out and about.

you get what you deserve - the machine has your measure


Anonymous said...

Funny how the Queens Media ignores Kims outside campaign money from Asian developers.

Even more funny that you, dear voter, did not flood Queens newspapers with letters of outrage over this.

Alan Gross said...

"Funny how the Queens Media ignores Kims outside campaign money from Asian developers.

Even more funny that you, dear voter, did not flood Queens newspapers with letters of outrage over this."

Yesterday, I spoke at the Bowne Park TEA party and I encouraged people to be more proactive. I received applause when I mentioned the request that I wrote to the Congressional Ethics Committee.

I also contacted several media outlets but Ackerman's people have done a good job of suppressing news of the effort. The concerns that I expressed will continue...even after the election!