Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hiram turned to lobbyist in hour of need


Turncoat Democrat Hiram Monserrate was accused of soliciting a donation to his legal defense fund from a lobbyist pushing for changes to a bill sponsored by the embattled Queens senator, The Post has learned.

The potentially unethical conduct landed Monserrate in hot water with state Senate leaders in April.

A Monserrate staffer sent the lobbyist an e-mail in mid-April asking for a contribution to help offset the hot-tempered pol's burgeoning legal bills. Monserrate is fighting felony charges that he slashed his girlfriend's face on Dec. 19.

At the time, the lobbyist wanted changes in a gas-pricing bill controlled by Monserrate, then chairman of the Consumer Protection Committee. He stepped down after his indictment but remained on the panel.

The e-mail, sent from the staffer's home computer, angered Senate leadership when the livid lobbyist brought it to them, sources said.

Monserrate and Senate leaders refused comment.


Anonymous said...

Who is the lobbyist? Why the secrecy?

Anonymous said...

This is relatively mild behavior for this wicked, wicked man. In addition to the published stories, I know at least 3 people he tried to have put in mental institutions at the behest of a major donor, a corrupt Astoria landlord, who so far has given him $8,000.00 that I am aware of openly in his business name.

Who knows who is rotting in Ward's Island or dead or damaged for greed's sake to free up rent controlled or stabilized apartments.

The only crazy ones are the ones who keep voting for him in spite of a publicly available record of disgrace, violence, mental instability, disloyalty and thievery.

Anonymous said...

This psychotic former (for shame) US Marine is a real piece of work!

Monster-rat needs to be removed from his legislative post!

Taxpayer said...

Isn't it only natural that a crook acts crookedly?

Isn't it only natural that the party (here, the Democrats) want to protect the crook in order to protect their status, as well as their own crookedness?

But, is it natural, or good, that we fail to remove the crooks from the levers of power?

Anonymous said...

"The only crazy ones are the ones who keep voting for him"

We did not have a better alternative thanks to the Queens County Democratic Machine. The threw the incumbent John Sabini under the bus and supported this charater for the 13-SD. I for one skipped that line on the ballot on election day.

Anonymous said...

But, is it natural, or good, that we fail to remove the crooks from the levers of power?

that's the problem in a one party town. the only real solution is term limits.

Anonymous said...

If this fat female abusing thug is what passes for a legislator nowadays...we're in deeper shit than Monster-rat is!

Throw that bastard in a cell with "Bubbah" already!

Anonymous said...

An oppurtunist..........what goes around.....................

Anonymous said...

Hello--this is the Corning Glass company, we need you to endorse our new beverage line.