Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Film shoot in Maspeth today

I have no idea what "Style at any age" is. But it's gonna cause a parking problem on 60th Street in Maspeth today.
Why anyone would want to film anything here is a good question.


Anonymous said...

They could film a great slasher/horror epic here..."The Destruction of St. Saviour's"...with Dennis P. Gallagher staring as the rapist/protagonist!

Anonymous said...

Why dont you just be happy that some local deli's and food establishments will get some much needed additional business.

You Queenscrapper are a real asshole.

Queens Crapper said...

I actually am not upset about this, I just found it strange. But since you brought it up, when they do film shoots around here, they usually have it catered. And not from a local place, either. Besides, this is on a residential street without those types of businesses.

You, sir, are the asshole.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how they attack the Crapper when he isn't even saying anything controversial. You're getting to them!


Anonymous said...

I havent watched the show, but a few months ago they filmed for "Kings" on NBC along Otto Road in Glendale. I guess they figured it looked like an ideal place to dump a body?

Queens Crapper said...

Yep, I covered that, too!

faster340 said...

"Why anyone would want to film anything here is a good question."

I must ask, and what is wrong with this location?

Anonymous said...

It's quite boring. Queens Crap architecture!

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Crapper. Just curious. When are you going to sell some "gear"? I'd like to by a hat, T-shirt, and coffee mug with your logo on it. Maybe a bumper sticker?

Anonymous said...

How about a remake of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" starring local residents exposed to chemicals at the new would-be school.

Since we already have one of these cancer-traps in Long Island City, I hope we dump this idea before we have two-headed children.

linda said...

lmao, first: to george and i agree i would put a bumper sticker on my truck :)

and second: we're not too far off the path with creatures here in maspeth, thanks to our community board five, liz crowley and all running this town.... always said it's in the drinking water... oh! i buy bottle water.

Anonymous said...

I see that our favorite pink bastard is busy posting again between drunks!

What's "Pinky" doin' these days to earn a living?

He can't star in porno films.

Who'd pay to see his red ass and chrome dome go...up 'n down...up 'n down...up 'n down (I'm gettin' dizzy).

You don't think he's making gay skin flicks?

I hope he's not selling them out of a church.

Maybe he's a secret star witness in the Mc Laughlin case.