Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chuck wants wireless internet on LIRR

From the NY Post:

Sen. Charles Schumer today made a direct appeal to the MTA -- asking the state agency to to bring free wireless Internet to the entire Long Island Rail Road system, including trains, platforms, and stations.

Plans to bring wireless Internet to the LIRR have been in the works for months, but the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has still not acted, even as other major mass transit systems across the country have on-board wireless networks.

Yes, this is the perfect time to invest in train luxuries.


Anonymous said...

Depends on how it is funded. I am not wild about luxuries either, especially since a 30 minute LIRR trip is not the same as a 3 hour AMTRAC trip, but if advertisers or business is willing to pick up the cost, why not?

Some of these businesses today are such fanatics about getting the last pound of flesh out of their undownsized employees that they will be requiring internet access in the toilet stalls next.

Anonymous said...

great - more idiots now looking and their balckberries and iPhones as they fall into the gap!

Taxpayer said...

Does Schumer now expect to get kickbacks from this "free" service?

Nothing is free. Nothing.

Except our tax payments. Or higher prices paid by us for products advertised by "supporting" advertisers.

Anonymous said...

Schumer is a shameless self-promoter. Just consider yourself lucky that you don't have to sit through the same Commencement speech he gives every year when he visits local campuses for graduation. "I just passed a new law..."

christopher said...

Love the Pic of schumer,hate the guy.

I graduated in 98 and my sister in 2000.I think he told the same speech twice.

CJ said...

"I just stick this finger up my butt, and ideas just come pouring out."