Friday, May 15, 2009

Weiner unhappy with Bloomberg smear tactics

From the NY Times:

Mr. Weiner said that despite backing away from plans to run for mayor this year, he remains the target of a well-orchestrated smear campaign that can be traced to the re-election bid of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

Jill Hazelbaker, a spokeswoman for the Bloomberg campaign, would not address Mr. Weiner’s claim that the campaign was behind the negative press.

Mr. Weiner said he was speaking out about the issue because of what he views as hypocrisy: Mr. Bloomberg is publicly pledging a “positive campaign,” while his campaign is generating many of the stories, which have appeared in the city’s three major daily newspapers as well as on local television news programs.

Well of course that's what's going on. If you can't take the heat, however, maybe you should stop hinting at running already.


Anonymous said...

Well, if you showed some balls to begin with, you weenie, it wouldn't be an issue.

Damn, after Bum-turd, Weiner is the second last candidate I'd ever want to see as mayor.


Anonymous said...

A loser, pure and simple.

A mold that grows in musty dark corners in the shuttered secretive clubhouse.

Anonymous said...

Weiner is letting Thompson get dumped on early, will run in June, defeat Thompson and Avella and get a shocking 52%!

Remeber, in the general election, it's not who you are, it's whoyou are not voting for (BLOOMTURD!)

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said...
"Well, if you showed some balls to begin with, you weenie, it wouldn't be an issue."

- - - -

He cannot show what he doesn't have.

He reminds me of the seventh grader in front of the room reciting the book report that nobody wants to hear. Not even the teacher. Certainly not his own parents.

Look at that photo again. What are his hands trying to hide? Or point to?

Anonymous said...

Is his head really that big? Or is it an optical illusion? He could cause an eclipse with that thing.