Sunday, May 10, 2009

A tree doesn't grow on Mazeau Street

"They tied up the tree and pushed it out of their way so that they could dig and pour concrete for the foundation at 57-37 Mazeau St. That was in the fall, early winter.
Now, in spring time, the tree is dead. I believe this is one of the first our "Blooming Idiot of a Mayor" planted when he got in office. I called 311, wrote e-mails to the Parks Dept, and nobody has done anything about this. I thought for every tree uprooted or destroyed by contractors, they have to plant 10 in it's place? Why is this dead tree not being attended to?" - anonymous


Anonymous said...

I got a phone call from the "Parks Dept," about this tree and they said that they had told the contractor to replant the tree until contruction was over but they ignord what they were told to do and now the "Parks Dept." is holding them liable for the tree. In fact this case was fowarded to their leagal dept. Only one thing though, they have to wait now for the contractor to get back in touch with them. They intend on following through on justice for this dead tree. I sure hope so. They told me that they wont even take the tree out until they run their course with this formailty. I just hope the tree does'nt fall down. It is a shame that a beautiful tree has been destroyed. All over Mazeau st. the trees are blooming beautifuly, and then you see this tree...........Thanks Bloomberg, your developers have done it again! Or should I thank "HENERY HAUNG" he destroyed the RKO thaeatre, now a tree. What next?

Anonymous said...

Why is this dead tree not being attended to?" - anonymous

I am sorry to say that your concerns, a Queens resident issue, will never appear on the radar as an issue that will be attended to. This is a Bloomberg legacy - keep this in mind for the election - let him know if he should keep his job.

jerry rotondi said...


Anonymous said...


String up hizzoner by his dick (if you can find it).

Anonymous said...

You are lucky not to see dead people instead. I have been posting under the fictional "Building on Your Head" and "Ceiling on Your Head" party lines to try to bring attention to the real price that this development has caused.

In my own case, a careless landlord refurbishing my 100-year old tenanment dropped masonery celings on me and destroyed everything. Two other tenants had the same thing happen, but they braced the remaining ceiling themselves. This was done because we are stabilized or controlled tenants.

Several other homeowners on our street or nearby streets have had their property lines violated, property taken illegally or had their tenants driven out or their structures destroyed by these same developers and others. I am talking about 6 structures in a three block radius.

If you are tired of people being buried in Harlem, artists dropped into space in Queens, Building Collapses in Duane street, in Brooklyn and so forth, vote the Bastards out!

Your lives and property rights are at stake.

Anonymous said...

vote the Bastards out!

You got to do a hell of a lot more than that to stop this.

You have to get vocal - whenever these guys are in front of a camera you have to ask them these questions. Get them off the news and hiding in their castles - this takes away a big tool they own.

You have to write letters to the newspaper and the local officials asking them why they are taking care of etching acid or sponsoring bills celebrating Bangladeshi Independence Day (ok, its a good thing but on the rank of importance ... ) and get focused on developer abuse - without a doubt the greatest threat to neighborhoods throughout this city.

You have to contact organizations that are involved in preservation, the MAS, Landmarks Convervency, the Queens West, the Pratt Institute, and ask why the steady drumbeat of outrages as outlined on Crappy (and elsewhere) never seems to get the attention it deserves - perhaps because there is no real effort by them at a real education program so so that communities become truly empowered and have a real say on the direction of their neighborhoods.

We are held hostage by developers and no one seems to care.

georgetheatheist said...

Jerry, what's with the "noose" fixation?

Jeff said...

311 has never done a thing for me. I call, nothing happens. I do notice that the websites for city offices no longer contain phone numbers - instead they direct you to call 311.

trixie said...

George, what's with the "polka" fixation? big hairy ape.
Check out my new ad in the Trib!

PizzaBagel said...

That's a good one, Anonymous #1. The Parks Dept. is holding the contractor liable for the tree, but they must wait for them to contact them. I wouldn't be holding my breath. Why can't they be proactive, or at least reactive, instead of throwing the ball back into the contractor's court, so to speak? Talk about a get-tough attitude -- not! If it were you or I who was responsible for this outrage, you can bet that they'd sic the hounds on us immediately.

jerry rotondi said...

Just a little reminder of my original infamous cartoon "George".

I'm not the "Lord High Executioner" but it continues to appear to me (and others) that this form of "punishment fits the crime".

Anonymous said...

Haung destroys plenty of neighborhoods and gets away with it, with the help of Mr. Lui is realative. This city is so corrupt I can't take it anymore. Parks dept. get off your ass and hand deliver a fine and remove the tree. Buildings dept. make sure this wasn't an act so they can make a driveway, which we are starting to lack on Mazeau street due to, you don't do your job. Across the street from this site another home was build over a gargage and illegal extension of a driveway, which no one comes out and fines them. This city needs to change, start with voting bloomass out of his seat.