Friday, May 8, 2009

State Senator arrested for assault

Fox 5 News reported Friday night that sources inside the New York City Police department have said that New York State Senator Kevin Parker was detained to potentially face criminal mischief charges.

It reportedly happened at Avenue H and E 34th Street.

The source told Fox 5 that Parker assaulted New York Post photographer Miguel Lopez.

The Post was apparently outside of his home working on a story involving Parker.

From the NY Post:

Shortly after the flash went off, the hulking Parker started chasing him, the photographer said.

"I'm standing in the street, I took one photograph of him and he charged at me," Lopez recalled.

"I turned around and ran and he was actually catching up to me. I turned a corner and ran half a block and he's chasing me the entire way."

Lopez said Parker then gave up the chase and instead turned his ire on Lopez's vehicle, a 1998 Subaru Forester, going over to the SUV and sitting down on the hood.

Then, Lopez said, Parker tried to get into the Subaru -- and that's when the real violence began, according to the lensman.

"He reached in and grabbed my camera," Lopez said. "We were having a tug of war with the camera. I slide into the passenger seat with him in tow. I pulled his entire body into my car except his leg."

"He ripped the door panel off my car with his legs. He tore out my flash."

Lopez's finger was caught in the camera strap and may have been sprained, he said.

Why was he so pissed? This is why.


Anonymous said...

This guy has to go.Didn't he assault a traffic agent a couple of years ago?

Anonymous said...

oh that's nice, don't pay your damn mortgage and then beat up the member of the media reporting the story, which is something I would want to know if this loser represented me. Great response, instead of taking personal responsibility, try to stifle our free speech.

Nelson S said...

Well, lensmen are pretty annoying.

Anonymous said...

Paparazzi have it coming.

Anonymous said...

You can dress them up,but you can't take them out.............

Anonymous said...

This is what passses for leadership in New York today. Savage thugs, woman beaters, it's all the same. When are we going to throw their asses out?