Thursday, May 21, 2009

School budgets are cut

From the NY Times:

New York City schools face budget reductions of roughly 5 percent for the 2009-10 school year, Chancellor Joel I. Klein said on Tuesday, predicting they would lead to deep cuts in after-school and weekend programs.

Principals will formally receive their budgets on Wednesday.

In announcing the cuts — totaling $405 million — Mr. Klein emphasized that they were not as deep as he had feared, largely because of federal stimulus money.

And from Room Eight:

The New York Times reports that the budget of individual NYC public schools will be cut 5 percent next year, following a cut of 3 percent last year. Despite the federal government borrowing $trillions our children and grandchildren will have to sacrifice to repay to provide stimulus money to those schools. Despite a huge New York State tax increase for the well off, to be followed by additional state tax increases on everyone else, to increase school state aid. Despite NYC property and sales tax increase, disproportionately directed to the schools. Despite the fact that total spending on the New York City schools, including retirement benefits, will be going up not down, even as the money most New Yorkers earn, and what they can afford, is going down. Total spending up, spending in schools down. But the Times doesn’t ask the question why.


italian girl said...


Someone get this man a face transplant. Please.

linda said...

isn't it funny how ugly the bloom's staff start to look after years working under him? they all start to look evil and ugly. run run that's all i can say......

Anonymous said...

Wha es tha prooblm, de schol, day es betta than where I come from so my keeds, they got good eschool, no?

A few dolla in de budget it make no deffrns.

I luv queens. I wan my hole family moove here.

Honness Joe Crowry, he be de man!

Anonymous said...

3rd world boro with 3rd world services, and it still a hell of a lot better than where they came from.

The community will accept it, like closing fire houses and hospitals, without a wimper.

But keeping their kids home from school, no can do!

So their friends and neighbors get sick in the community but the understanding in Manhattan (and the Queens clubhouse) is that is ok.

That is just how things are in the 3rd world, so who cares, right?

Anonymous said...

This is so sickening to see. I was a teller during the late 70's when teachers were being paid with IOU's, Bronx Science kids had history textbooks from 1935 and sat on the floor.

This is my nightmare coming to life. We have all kinds of money for bullsh#t stadia, pie in the sky luxury developments, etc, and no money for the bread and butter of municipal life such as schools, hospitals, police and firemen.