Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SCA spends $16.25M for contaminated property

So the SCA has purchased the Maspeth site, they don't plan to clean it up properly, they will spend an excessive amount of cash to install a "plastic sheet and a Home Depot fan" and then they have to actually build the thing. FYI: The last asking price was $15M...so why'd they overpay?

They've also put out an RFP for it.

Let's hear what Dizzy Lizzy has to say about this:

According to the lawmaker, the contamination does not hit the water table, which resides 24 feet under the ground; problems only occur once contaminants interact with the water table.

God help Council District 30...


Anonymous said...

Crowley's comments to downplay the contamination of the Maspeth High School site are insulting to the neighborhood, our children and to the people that voted for her.

I'll not get fooled again.

Anonymous said...

Hello.... Is anybody aware that the St. John's Hospital site is for sale and at a bargain rate. Why isn't the SCA looking to buy this property? It also has a parking lot for all the teachers' cars. What the hell is wrong with this city?

Anonymous said...

"What the hell is wrong with this city?"

Mike Bloomberg is running it.

Anonymous said...

yea god save district 30: Out of mothballs ogni-has-been is running on the republican side. His boy Pinky screwed our district. Then, phony tony como screwed our district to get a job from bloomy.

The best the republicans can do is trot out 67 year old ogni-has-been. As a republican, I am shocked. Our party is a mess. Ogni-has-been has not been relevant for 15 years.

So, in order to save the republicans, we must look to the PAST.


linda said...

lmao the city BOUGHT THE PROPERTY for 16.25 mill and the owner was asking 15, lol..... what ever happened to fair market value? this city is a fxxking joke, people are out of work and they spend over the asking price for contaminate grounds, good going assbloom, sca and all parties involved.......

Anonymous said...


Yes, God help District 30 with Dizzy Lizzy running the show. She's already made a mess of things. Bring back the last GREAT councilman we've seen here, Tom Ognibene.

And Dizzy Lizzy, please give the Phony Tony stuff a rest. It's just plain dumb. But then again we should expect such comments from you.