Thursday, May 21, 2009

Queens criminals not very bright

From the NY Post:

* A woman was arrested for shoplifting at an Astoria store after a security guard noticed her walking out wearing pants still bearing a price tag, authorities said yesterday.

Kellie Dean, 40, was walking out of the Conway outlet on 48th Street near 34th Avenue last Sunday when the guard spotted the tag, officials said.

* A Flushing homeowner was arrested after he attacked a female motorist who had moved a garbage can blocking a space in front of his home and pulled her car into the spot, officials said yesterday.

The motorist was searching for a spot Monday afternoon when she noticed the can in front of a home at 56th Avenue and 138th Street, sources said.

She moved the can out of the way and pulled her car into the space.

Suddenly, she was confronted by Hung Chow, 38, who came storming out of his home and demanded she move her car, cops said.

When she balked, Chow allegedly grabbed the can and starting slamming it against her car, denting a rear side door and quarter panel.

* A man was charged with assaulting an 11-year-old girl with a belt and then forcing her hand into a bowl of boiling water in Jamaica, authorities said.

Calvin Carter, 31, of 119th Avenue, allegedly struck the girl across the back several times with a belt and then held her hand in boiling water.

"This will teach you not to steal again," he allegedly yelled.

It was unclear what what his relationship to the victim was.


pinhead said...

I tell ya, those with their taco trucks and "pinapple" stands... they do anything to commit crime in our neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes brazen works. Twenty years ago, in Genovese Drugs, which had a fierce anti-shoplifting policy, I saw a couple of people carry an unpaid table right past the cashiers and into a car.

From the back, "Did he pay up front? from the front, "Did he pay in the back?" Then several employees fruitlessly chasing the departing car.

Wade Nichols said...

Suddenly, she was confronted by Hung Chow, 38, who came storming out of his home and demanded she move her car, cops said.
Hung Chow, name of the day!

Is he any relation to: Wang Chung, Well Hung, or perhaps William Hung?


Anonymous said...

Those territorial garbage can assholes - you don't own the freaken street, you shit for brains!

panzer65 said...

It seems that the most ridiculous and mindless actions in this great city today are people arguing over space. Yes, this is a crowded place, but we must live together and along with that, respect one another's property. The garbage can in the street is illegal, and should be reported to the police.