Thursday, May 7, 2009

Livid in Laurelton

From the Daily News:

To its neighbors, the building is known as "the monster" - both for its size and the horror it has caused them.

The wood-framed building at the corner of 130th Ave. and 233rd St. in Laurelton is outlandishly large, compared with the neighboring one-family homes. It's also the subject of a legal battle.

And even more galling to homeowner Rohn Little, it was illegally built on part of his property, he said, using fraudulent permits.

"I was here one day and they started building on my lawn," said Little, who is taking the developer, Apple Homes LLC, to court. "We didn't plan to build anything on the lawn. We just wanted a place to put some chairs."

Little purchased his home on an 80-by-100-foot lot in September 2007. In April 2008, a construction company fenced off a portion of his property and started work on the building.

"It's the size of a church or a hotel," said Laurelton resident and community activist Marq Claxton. "It's blatantly out of context."

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Lino said...

..What an ugly firetrap..the least they could do is use quality materials: Brick, steel studs-cement.

..And now the question that must always be asked in these situations: What (outlandish) price did the previous owner sell for.

italian girl said...

Is this the only McMansion design builders can come up with?

Mix it up already!!

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting for the community. Absentee landlords do this to communities all the time

linda said...

tell the damn city to tear down the house. that's what they need to do when things are done illegal and the costs should go to the owner and developer. maybe then this shit wouldn't happen anymore. we can thank our mayor and council people for all of this.

new laws have to be placed and we need bloomberg and his staff thrown out on their asses.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have an address?

-Joe said...

Is this the only McMansion design builders can come up with?

Builders dont design them, Computers do.
All the cuts and features and dot to use every scrap of wood and the least amount of building material needed.

Bring in the Euro Fucco spray on truck and Electric Meters and your done.

They ae cheap pieces of geneic shit slap strictly for rental with no parking $$$
There are a slew Israeli "block busters" slapping them up in Eastern Bayside.
No doubt the plan for the old Maspeth Woods as well

-Joe said...

No effort to build, just pickup your illegal workers at 7-11

Look at the sheets of plywood on that box of garbage. Every cut (when cut) is a 90 degrees triangle or a square done in 4 or 8 feet.

Those cheap eves are made from the window cutouts.
Its likley cheap insulated so it will be a Fedders loaded energy hog as well.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the address is not listed, but check out if the developers are building according to the zoning resolution. Some parts of Laurelton are residential R2A zoned with height and surrounding yard restrictions. A A good start is to look it up on (City Planning - maps 19a, 19b, 19c). Get your local neighbors involved and bring it up to your local community board on these issues. You are the 'eyes and ears' of your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

To the homeowner of which the ajoining property is on a portion of your property: Have a surveyor verify your plot and upon confirmation that it is indeed built upon, buy several axes and sledgehammers and invite your neighbors and us to a tear down party to reclaim your property.

Anonymous said...

I guess this place could be hit by lightening and catch fire, right?